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LA Clippers
St. Louis Blues
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Engagement is not the problem, the problem is that you don't know who you are engaging with.

We help you transform  Anonymous fans into Identifiable ones.

There are two types of fans, the Identifiable and the Digital.

Your identifiable fans live in your databases, while your digital fans live anonymously on your digital channels.

Your Identifiable Fans


Your Anonymous Fans

Pico CRM

The Personalized Fan Communication Platform

Pico drives your engaged, anonymous online fans into your database through personalized, 1:1 messaging, while collecting contextualized data-points that support your true business objectives. 

Pico CRM and Forms

Minisites & Forms - these are all drop-off points!

Why redirect your fans to fill out forms, log-in,  or download something just to have them drop at high rates? Keep your fans on their preferred channel with native integrations. 
No downloads or log-ins required!

Pico turns engaged, anonymous fans into identifiable customer profiles to support your true business objectives.

Want to see how it’s done?

Check out what the Blues have to say StLouisBluesLogo