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The Nashville Predators on working with Pico

Thomas Willis, Digital Director of the Nashville Predators 

Pico Get Personal

"I would give Pico a lot of credit. They're very good about let's meet, let's talk about this, we've rolled out this feature. They're not just okay with the status quo. They push us in a lot of different ways and to that end I've pushed a lot of other NHL teams towards them."

When it comes to engagement on social media, the Nashville Predators are hitting every mark.
With over 1M+ followers on just Facebook and Twitter alone, the Predators know that they have a dedicated fan base.
However, when digging into the numbers they came to the realization that their database doesn't match the numbers they garner on social. They knew they had great engagement, but they didn't know who they were actually engaging with.
As an innovative organization, they went in search of technology solutions to better identify their digital fans. The solution they found was Pico. Listen to why the Nashville Predators work with and continue to work with Pico to create data-driven unique fan experiences.