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Werder Bremen on working with Pico Get Personal

Nico Hruby, Chief Digital Officer of Werder Bremen

Pico Get Personal

"Pico are absolute experts in what they are doing. They come up with very good solutions and you can rely on what they tell you because they won't promise things they can't keep. Technology wise, they're modern, stable and flexible enough to meet the needs of a Bundesliga football club."

Werder Bremen of the Bundesliga have an extremely dedicated fan-base, both physically and digitally.
As a club with over 40,000 active members and nearly 2 million+ fans across social media, they wanted to do right by their fans who bought tickets or season passes for the 2020 season but could no longer physically attend the games.
They chose to work with Pico, in creating an automated service to guide heir ticket-holding fans through the process of them actually deciding what to do with their tickets - receive a full refund or donate the funds to Werder Bremen and a local charity project.
The decision was entirely up to the fans. Listen to why Werder Bremen chooses to work with Pico - Get Personal to foster their fan relationships.