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ReKTGlobal unveils partnership with Pico - Get Personal


Esports infrastructure company ReKTGlobal has announced a partnership with data marketing platform, Pico - Get Personal. As a result, the two parties will collaborate to provide ReKTGlobal's partners with first-party data on who is viewing live streams. 

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hackernoon startup of the year interview

Startup Interview with Asaf Nevo, CEO of Pico


Pico was nominated for Hackernoon's startup of the year awards. With that comes a deep dive into the journey of CEO & Co-Founder, Asaf Nevo, what Pico does, how Pico does it, and how we're making first party data accessible to organizations of any level.

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20 minute leaders interview

20 Minute Leaders: Asaf Nevo, CEO & Co-Founder


Optimism and resilience are key factors in any entrepreneur's journey, Asaf Nevo shares his journey of entrepreneurship and growth with 20 Minute Leaders host, Michael Matias. 

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Behind Sport data and sports orgs

Sports organizations- own and utilize your data. Here's how.

Data analytics in sports is nothing new. Data has, and always will be, a big part of how teams and leagues make internal decisions from player performance to the in-stadium fan experience. Now, we’re seeing a shift of understanding on how data is transforming the out of stadium fan experience.

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from athlete to entrepreneur quinton porter

From Athlete to Entrepreneur: Former NFL Pro Quinton Porter


"As a part of our sreies about the work ethic lessons we can learn from professional athletes, I had the pleasure of interviewing Quinton Porter, VP of North America at Pico - Get Personal..."

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The Esports Journal


Esports Insider released their 8th edition of The Esports Journal, where they explored companies that are demystifying monetization in esports. You can find Pico as one of the companies featured on page 13.

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Pico innovates through monetizing social engagement-1

Esports - The pandemic impact and where is it headed?


In Behind Sport's latest insight article, Shachar Shamir, VP of Marketing at Pico, takes a look at the esports landscape, the impact of lockdowns, and where it's headed as an industry.

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Pico innovates through monetizing social engagement

A Data-Driven Fan Marketing Platform


Startup.info talked to Asaf Nevo, CEO & Co-Founder of Pico - Get Personal on how to help sports teams identify their fans across all digital channels through progressively gathering data and leveraging it to create targeted campaigns.


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Understanding the esports audience: The data deficit

esi-logo-544x180 (1)

Esports has the biggest problem out of all [sports] … Who are [the digital fans]? What are their preferences? Which sponsors could be relevant? They have no idea if these sponsors are relevant for [their] audience...


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esportz network

Pico - Get Personal CEO on Teaming with Level Next, Value of Understanding Digital Fans

Untitled design (34)

Level Next is going big with it's new college esports league. On this show, Asaf Nevo, the CEO and co-founder of Pico, talks about why he wanted to get into college esports and how the company's expansive work in traditional sports extends well to esports.

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fan engagement el verdadero

Fan engagement, el verdadero Balón de Oro de 2020 (y 2021, 2022…


“Puede haber diferentes objetivos cuando se trata de fan engagement. Estamos habituados a ver unos números increíbles de interacciones de fans cuando miramos los ratios de nuestros clientes, pero el engagement no es el problema.

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ENZIMA Live Show! Featuring, Yaron Talpaz, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Pico

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Our VP of Strategic Partnerships, Yaron Talpaz with ENZIMA on the role technology plays in sports, why sports organizations should work with startups and why they should invest in technology solutions. Listen here!

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tailgate talk

Predictions on the Future of Fan Experiences from a Former NFL QB


Quinton Porter, VP of North America at Pico, shares his predictions on the future of fan experiences. From SportsTech solutions, AI, Second screen and more. 

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sports business technology

Asaf Nevo: Taking Better Decisions Using Data


Asaf Nevo, CEO & Co-founder of Pico joins Ronen Ainbinder in The Halftime Snacks podcast to discuss his journey as an entrepreneur, the role of data in decision making, organizational culture, and lessons from working with data in sports.

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With SAP collaboration, round A underway, Pico comes out punching from Covid-19 crisis


The Israeli startup is currently working with over 60 sports teams globally from some of the biggest leagues in the world and was selected to take part in SAP's first-ever fan experience-focused startup accelerator program.

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my social life

Helping Pro Sports Teams Engage Their Fans


In this episode, Asaf Nevo, CEO & Co-founder of Pico, alongside host Jacob Kelly, discuss starting Pico, pivoting the company, and how sports teams know less than 10% of their fans and what Pico is doing to change that.

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belly up

Teams & Tech: How pro teams have adapted tech experiences


When it comes to the evolution of technology, sports leagues and teams have never been far behind. From high-tech stadiums, to data-tracking cameras, AI and more, there has always been once central focus within each upgrade and installation - the impact and effect on the fan experience.  

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Episode 13: Knowing Your Fans


Join Asaf Nevo from Pico and our team to spend time discussing how A.I. and Machine Learning can be used to get personal with, categorize and engage your fans at opportune moments on social media.

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"We're Looking at how this 'new normal' can help us": Inside EuroLeague's digital transformation


According to Yaron Talpaz, Pico's vice president for strategic partnerships, identifying "anonymous fans" across various digital assets is key. 

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Untitled design (9)

Fans: Using digital to get to know them


At Pico - Get Personal, we tell teams that engagement is not the problem on social. The problem is that these teams don't know who they are actually engaging. Social media often creates anonymous fans, so when you know who you're actually interacting with, you can cater to their experience on a personal level.

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Pico: Helping Teams Know and Build Engaged Fans


One of the big challenges for all teams is to get a full picture of their fan base. Who follows them and where from? The problem with having so many social media followers is that they exist outside of a team’s direct communication channels which can make it seem like those fans and followers are a bit anonymous.

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Tech Company Pico Helping Bundesliga Clubs Navigate Pandemic


Israel-based software company Pico has helped Bundesliga club Werder Bremen develop and implement a chat bot platform that connects the club's ticket holders and their preferences at a time when it is not possible to do so face-to-face.

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With Pico's Help, The Nashville Predators Are Using AI and Social Media To Find New Ways To Connect With Fans


As technology changes, audience engagement does too. The era of "likes and comments" as performance indicators are outdated, and now sports teams need innovative ways to deliver value to its fanbases. Pico combines social media integration on platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Twitter with artificial intelligence to provide a personalized experience for fans trying to engage with their favorite sports teams.

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Football Screen

Fan Data Management Platform Pico Announces $3 Million Investment Round


Fan data management platform Pico has announced a $3 million investment round led by German VC firm RSBG Ventures and Hong-Kong based investment firm Silverhorn Group. Pico's AI-powered platform generates targeted games and survey questions for fans to answer to help sports teams learn more about their fans.

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founders of Pico

In a World Without Sports, Clubs can Still Retain Fan Support with Pico's Engagement Tools


Pico has created a technology to turn engaged,anonymous sports and entertainment fans into identifiable customer profiles.

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Teams Don’t Really Know Who They Are Engaging With


Professional sports teams double as media companies, with in-house video and social teams typically having access to their own production studios and equipment. But simply using those tools to generate fan interaction, according to Pico CEO and co-founder Asaf Nevo, isn’t useful on its own.

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Israeli startup Pico, raises funds during Corona Crisis (Hebrew Interview)



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Forbes about Pico

FORBES: AI Chatbots At The St. Louis Blues

Matt Gardner from the St. Louis Blues hockey team shared how they are using PICO's AI-powered chatbots for fan engagement.

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Pico Reveals AI Viewer Interaction System For Israeli Broadcaster

Sport technology company Pico has revealed its AI fan interaction system currently in use by the Israeli Sports Channel (Sport 5) and used by KAN 11, the Israeli public channel for the 2018 World Cup games.

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PODCAST - Yaron Talpaz, Pico Get Personal

PODCAST: With Yaron Talpaz  

Yaron Talpaz is the VP of Strategic partnerships at Pico-Get Personal, talks about how we help teams and leagues get to know their fans better.

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Roi Mozer - Sports Tech Feed

PODCAST: the importance for sports teams to identify their fans

we discuss the importance for sports teams to join the dots between "unknown" fans on third party social media platforms into "known" fans captured on the team’s internal database. We also explore Roi's unusual entrepreneurial journey from local bar owner to the world of international sports.

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Sport5 Channel

Our Activation on Sport5 Channel

Sport5 channel explains how Pico works.

[Video in Hebrew]. 

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Nashville Predators senior director of business strategy, JT Louviere, said: “Pico has allowed us to leverage social media and digital advertising to flawlessly reach a segment of fans we otherwise could not have. It’s a process that’s quantifiable and actionable across both our sales and marketing initiatives to progressively advance our business.”

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PODCAST: With Roi Mozer  

Rick is joined for a jam packed episode this week, with our COO Roi Mozer.

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Gateway Motorsports Park

Gateway Motorsports Park Partnership


Gateway Motorsports Park is the first major American motorsports venue to use Pico’s technology to drive fan engagement and revenue. “We are always looking for revolutionary ways to separate Gateway Motorsports Park from the pack when it comes to fan engagement”

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Pico Wins EuroLeague Tech Challange


The first edition of the EB Tech Challenge, a collaboration between the University of La Salle-URL and Euroleague Basketball, came to an end on Friday as finalist startups and projects pitched their presentations to the six-member jury in Barcelona, Spain.

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How The St Louis Blues Use Pico


Pico has created a platform of tools that allow teams to perform tasks such as building one-on-one relationships with fans through personalized communications and providing new sponsorship activation and revenue generating opportunities.

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Satisfi Labs and Pico Partnership


Satisfi Labs & Pico partnering - The artificial intelligent engagement platform joins forces with the personal communication platform to add front-end gamification and sales capabilities to its growing list of brands and sports partners in the US and international markets

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SportTechX Podcast

Pico - Building Fan Engagement 


Interviewing Asaf Nevo from Pico, a SaaS platform that helps sports teams build 1-on-1 fan relationships by making it easy to communicate with fans on the social channels they prefer.
Hosted by Benjamin Penkert from SportsTechX - All about SportsTech and startups.

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This Startup Is Heading Global


[Hebrew Article] - Meet Pico, an Israeli startup that helping sports team worldwide. Read all about their invitation to present in front Chelsea FC 



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Pico Was Invited to Chelsea FC


[Hebrew Article] - An Israeli company was invited to an intense week with the Chelsea FC in order to help them improve the Fan Engagement at Stamford Bridge.

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