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How We Improve The Fan Experience

“They are basically a 3 headed monster…”

Matt Polling, Director of Corporate Sponsorship, St, Louis Blues

Pico’s solution is a great fit for

Sports Teams, TV Networks, Music Venues, Artists, Live Events, Resorts, and Brands of any type.

Pico’s technology fits and fuels your brand’s digital marketing strategy by turning an anonymous audience into engaged, identified fans that can support your business objectives.
It delivers quality, digital activations and experiences resulting in increased sponsorship and direct sales revenue. 

Through Pico, a 1:1 social media communication channel is created, which can seamlessly translate to the game experience through the arena’s video display boards. This digital platform connection to the physical, arena-based video screens (and/or via purely digital interaction) unlocks new and lucrative opportunities to convert fans to your business objectives.

Pico lets you connect with fans on channels they prefer to use, without downloading an app.


Live chatbot



Digital Activations

User-generated content finder, fan polls, trivia, find the difference, Emoji messaging – Pico uses all of these and more to entice fans to communicate with brands directly over digital channels, such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, a mobile app or website, and more. Pico’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms build detailed profiles on each fan, with continuous guidance for the right moment to approach the right fan with the right message.

Digital Activations
In-Game Experiences

Live Event Experiences

Everybody is invited to participate and play, no longer just one random fan from the crowd. Everybody has skin in the game and a chance to win. Activation results are presented live on arena video boards during games, and are easily sponsorable by your corporate partners.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Increase brand awareness and engagement for your Sponsors by delivering partner-related activities and personal offers directly to fans at the end of an activation.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Generate ROI From Day One

Revenue from Direct Sales

Revenue From Direct Sales

Create targeted campaigns to drive sales of tickets and merchandise by leveraging creative content and sending personal offers at the end of the conversations.

Monetized Push Messages

You can push direct messages to your fan's social accounts with last-minute ticket offers, concessions specials, seat upgrades and more. Using this powerful tool, together with our smart layer of data-based fan profiles, allows you to easily increase your bottom line.

Monetized Push Messages
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