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The Mumbai Indians Are Turning Digital Engagement into Valuable Data

"With Pico, we've been able to identify thousands of our Social Media followers in ways we couldn't have before..." 
Mumbai Indians Spokesperson
Yaron Talpaz

The Mumbai Indians of the Indian Premier League (Cricket) have a huge and dedicated fan base. With over 25M+ fans across their digital channels, they knew there was an opportunity to engage their digital fans in more ways than simply sharing content. As an innovative organization, they took to Pico technology with a goal of identifying up to 30,000 of their digital fan base. Over the course of 3 months, they saw over 42,000 participants, collected over 27,000 new email addresses, and were able to gather additional unique data-points along the way.

For example, MI saw that over 30% of their digital fans who participated were interested in their online store. Through the activations, they were able to pinpoint the favorite players of 15% of fans, creating an opportunity to push player-specific merch sales to those fans. MI was able to learn more in-depth of who their fans are and where they are by capturing over 9.6k+ zip codes of fans.     

Through creative and engaging activations, the Mumbai Indians were able to provide a unique digital experience for their fans while capturing valuable data that will only strengthen the relationship between fan and franchise. Check out the data below!

Mumbai Indians Case Study FINAL

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