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The PicoMag

Jul 02

Meet Our Team

Within the last two months we've seen Pico's client list grow exponentially as the need for fan engagement and unique fan experiences is more important now than ever. That being said, we also grew
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Jun 25

Bringing Value to Your Sponsors on Digital

Some say that sponsorships in sports are part of the fan experience and especially part of the game-day experience. Seeing logos in the stadium, on the field, on the drink they’re taking a picture of
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Jun 08

New Feature: Clickable Images

Pico’s digital activations align perfectly with our core value proposition of never asking a fan to leave the channel they’re currently on and using. It’s important for the fan to have everything
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May 06

Pico's Webinar Recap

Fan engagement is always important and a priority, but in light of the current situation, the need for fan engagement is unquestionable and important as ever. We wanted to ensure we were doing
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Apr 30

These Innovative Sports Teams Are Still Creating Unique Fan Experiences From Home

The sports industry has taken a hit. Teams have taken a hit. Team sponsors have taken a hit. And sports fans have taken a hit. In this uncertain time, almost everything seems unknown or uncertain -
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Apr 05

Zoom Sports Themed Backgrounds

Click the image to enlarge and download  
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Apr 02

How The Sports Industry is Continuing to Uplift its Community

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Mar 22

Engaging Your Digital Fans is More Important Now Than Ever

Because of the coronavirus, COVID-19 outbreak, major sports leagues were expected to turn their games into “ghost games” and were told to expect that they would be playing their games behind closed
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Mar 05

It's Time To Engage Your International Fans

Being an international fan can be tough — challenging even. As an American expat living in Israel, I know a few things on what it means to be a fan, spectating from thousands of miles away.
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Feb 25

The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference - A Dream Come True

The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is and has been a dream destination in the past decade for every American Sports fan, and any person working within the Sports Industry. It’s the actual home
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