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3 Simple Ways to Make Your Photos Matter

Your fans and followers content tells your brand's story. Make sure you get the most out of it
Roi Mozer

Brands cannot ignore the importance of using photos to engage with their fans online

Photos have accounted for 87% of the most interacted with content on Facebook. But with over 350 million photos uploaded daily to Facebook, how can you make your brand stand out in the crowd?

1. Be relatable and relevant
The best Facebook content stimulates curiosity and Selfie.jpgencourages conversation among your fans. Facebook rewards brands in its News Feed algorithm by highlighting content that is relatable and relevant.  And who is best at knowing what your fans want to see from your brand online? Your fans, of course! The best and most engaging content is often that which your fans have created themselves, demonstrated by the correlation between user posts and a Page’s number of fans.

2. Albums are better than individual photos

Photo albums achieve 180% more engagement than a post with a single photo on Facebook. Compiling a variety of pictures into an album encourages your fans to click one of the photo thumbnails and browse all the content, remaining engaged for a longer period of time.

3. Mix it up (with video)video picture.jpg

New research shows that simply uploading lots of photos to a Page may   not be enough to increase engagement for a brand. Videos are now achieving a higher organic reach than photo, link, and status posts on Facebook. This development means that brands need to diversify their social media posts with multiple forms of media, while not forgetting to include photos in the mix.

Pico is helping brands achieve these important aspects of photo engagement!

In addition to seamlessly collecting your fans’ photos from your event into an album on your Facebook page ,Pico technology will automatically tag the photographers of these pictures. This auto-tagging features creates an organic viral effect where the Facebook friends of your fans will begin interacting with your Page’s content directly from their News Feeds. In addition, the uploaded pictures can include a link to drive traffic to your brand’s website or event. If you want to start converting your events into real engagement online, contact us now and learn more about how Pico.Buzz can help your brand!

And stay tuned for updates about what Pico will be doing with creating engagement with videos!


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