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Four Digital Activation Ideas for January

Take a look at our top Social Media Holidays for January and how we would turn them into custom digital activations.
Ariella Torv

January is here and with that comes the ultimate winter vibes, and of course, a new month of social media/internet holidays and digital activation inspiration. Take a look at our top picks for January and how we would turn each one into an engaging, unique experience for fans. 

1. January 9: Africa Cup of Nations
Activation Type: Personality Quiz, Memory Game, Predictions

The Africa Cup of Nations is here! What better way to hype your fans by creating a personality quiz that will reveal to them which Football star they’re most like. Add a sharing feature at the end where fans can share with their friends and to their pages which player they’re most like to gain even more attention on the upcoming games.

Personality quiz too basic? We have a ton of digital activations available built to keep fans engaged and your database growing. Try our Memory Game activation where fans will be asked to match pictures from previous years tournaments. Ask fans to put their predictions to the test and vote on who will score the first goal and even, which team they think will take home the #1 title.

2. January 15: National Hat Day
Activation Type: Spin the Wheel, Running Man, Memory Game, Vote, 

National Hat Day! Mark it on your calendars. This is a fun opportunity to highlight various hat-style products, learn a fan's favorite player, and meet business goals in a creative way. Say you are a sports team or fashion brand. With National Hat day you can create a custom activation that showcases all of the various styles available in your online store. Pico’s Memory Game activation allows you to put your products, labels, or partners products on the screens of your fans personal devices in an organic way that the fan actually wants to engage with.

Take Pico’s Running Man activation and ask fans to collect their favorite styles of hats, Pac-Man style, while avoiding penalty objects. Entice fans further to engage with your content and offers with our Spin the Wheel activation, where fans can - you guessed it - Spin the Wheel for a chance to win a variety of surprises. 

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3. January 21 - 23: Winter X Games
Activation Type: Balloons, Spot the Difference, Running Man

The Winter X Games are coming and we are stoked to see the latest in winter sports competition. Those unable to make it will be following diligently via digital streaming services or ESPN and other various broadcasters. Making this annual event a perfect opportunity to keep viewers engaged and entertained via their second screen device

From a network perspective, you want to keep your audience engaged throughout the entire broadcast. And Pico activations don’t always have to start from a post on social media. Ask fans to send a ‘trigger’ word to your organizations/pages Messenger platform- whether Facebook Messenger, Direct Messenger, or Twitter DM, and an activation will open up for them immediately. 

Let’s say the Trigger word is “Snow Ball”. Fans can be met with one of our latest activations where they’ll have to collect the most snowball balloons in the quickest amount of time in order to win- adding a prize is your call or not. Or maybe it’s time to highlight some competition photos from previous years that deserve some attention. Ask viewers to send the word ‘Find’ to your messenger platforms to spot the difference between two sets of images. After each activation you can ask participants to follow your pages on social, subscribe to a newsletter, or ask if they’d like to participate in future games and what’s the best way to contact them should they opt-in for more? 

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4. January 25: Opposite Day
Activation Type: True or False Trivia, Find the Difference 

We can hear it now - “if it’s opposite day then it’s really not opposite day since everything would be opposite”. This classic ‘day’ - which is used far more than just on January 25 - can be a fun and amusing way to connect with your fans in a digital way. Launch a custom trivia activation and ask fans to put their knowledge to the test by answering various statements about your brand and/or organization where they’ll vote True or False. Offer a prize to those who guessed the most correctly that will encourage fan participation and sharing. 

Don’t forget to have fun with it! Digital activations are a great way to provide a creative and enjoyable experience for your fans and audience while also enabling you to learn more about them through safe, and voluntary, data sharing. 

We at Pico are here to help engage and identify your fans, and launching these activations can take less than 1 business day.
Contact us today to get them live tomorrow!



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