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4 Ways That New Communication Tactics Are Improving Fan Engagement

Jacob Kark

For fans everywhere, communicating with their favorite sports teams has always been a challenge.

Traditionally, teams have communicated with their fans through emails and basic information on their websites, but that is just one side. How about the fans? How are they supposed to communicate with their teams? 

To transform conventional one-way communication into multilateral conversation, developers have created platforms that utilize chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI). Not only has this evolution allowed sports teams to handle the immense volumes of messages it receives, but, almost more importantly, it has given the fans a voice.

So what makes these chatbots, "intelligent"? According to Chatbots Magazine, a bot becomes intelligent when it "becomes aware of user needs." For a chatbot platform to be effective, it must have extensive keyword recognition abilities and a wide range of responses to ensure accuracy to any and all user questions. Through every single communication, the chatbot learns about the user. Bot technology allows chatbots to gain insight into user backgrounds and preferences. Although, there is still work to be done in the field of AI, it has already become a prominent piece of the new age of communication. 

This new era of communication will advance fan engagement by:

  1. Enabling fans to communicate with their teams at any time, from anywhere: Bots provide 24/7, immediate communication. When a fan sends a message to their team, the bot will identify keywords and provide an instantaneous response, no matter what time of day.
  2. Letting the fans' voices be heard: Bots use complex algorithms, which adjust responses based on the content of the message. This makes feedback more personalized and allows fans to feel important and valued. 
  3. Simplifying the fan experience: Bots can produce any important information that a fan desires during a sports match. If a fan needs help finding good tickets, open parking spots, or even just wants game updates or statistics, they can simply text the bot and receive an instant response.
  4. Enhancing the in-game experience: Bots can send direct messages to fans during games to cast polls and ask trivia questions. They can engage fans by showing voting results on the big screen or offering prizes for the winning fans. 

Fan engagement is essential to building fan loyalty. Strong fan loyalty allows teams to gain revenue through various direct and indirect sources. By using technologically advanced communication tactics, teams can now empower their fans and turn them into fanatics.

Chatbots and AI are changing communication as we know it. If used effectively, teams can raise their fan engagement to levels that were previously thought to be unreachable. Increased fan engagement will allow teams to create loyalty among their fans and, thus, generate more revenue.


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