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Five Ways to Keep Your Audience Engaged This April

April and Spring are officially upon us! And with that comes our ideas on how to keep your audience engaged this month, while learning more about them. Check it out!
Ariella Torv

It’s already April 5th! And we are not fooling you. March seemingly flew by and Spring is definitely here. With the new season and month comes great weather, allergies and of course, interesting and unique ways to keep your digital audience engaged, while learning more about them. Want to take your social media content plan to the next level this April? Start here.

  1. April 5: World Health Day #LetsTalk
    Activation Type: Questionnaire

    Mental Health is something that's being talked about more and more on a conscious and global level. It’s important that after the last few years we check in with one another and provide safe spaces when possible. That’s why for this World Health Day we suggest creating a questionnaire activation that really checks in with your audience. What content or products of yours really serve them and generate happiness? How as a brand can you provide service and help to an industry that often doesn’t ask? We know brand loyalty exists, so use it to be there for your audience.

  2. April 10: National Siblings Day #NationalSiblingsDay
    Activation Type: Guess the Player, Memory

    We can hear the conversations of our childhood already– “mom!!” “honey- leave your brother alone!”. Let’s celebrate National Siblings Day this year with activations like Guess the Sibling, or our Memory Game activation. If you’re a sports team, this could be a great opportunity to highlight players that are sets of twins or have younger or older siblings. Ask your fans to correctly guess which sibling is related to which player for their chance to win special discount codes to your online store or for that player's merch. With our Memory Game activation, you can ask your audience to correctly match the sets of siblings in the shortest amount of time. 

    These activations not only will keep your audience engaged, but can teach you more about your audience and which players are their favorite with questions like “Which player sibling would you like to see here next?” or “Had fun? Leave your email so we can contact you again with future games just like this!”

    Here's how our Memory Game activation looks live:

  3. April 15: National High-Five Day
    Activation Type: Tap-It

    National High Five Day! High-five your entire global audience with our Tap-It activation. Have them score the most high-fives for the chance to win bragging rights and special prizes. Call on your fans to high-five - aka Tap - on the screen as fast as they can before the time runs out. And if you offer a prize you can learn the best way to contact participants, if they enjoyed this type of content, and understand which channels they’re typically most engaged on depending where they started the activation- whether it was Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

  4. April 22: Earth Day
    Activation Type: Spot the Difference 


    What they said! This Earth Day, position your brand as one that cares about the future of the environment by raising awareness of what needs to change globally for us to better protect our earth. We suggest a Spot the Difference game, where you can have two before and after images of various landscapes and how they’ve changed throughout the years. Or use two images of local parks in your communities that would benefit from volunteer cleaning work.

    It’s guaranteed to not only raise awareness on an important social issue, but will also engage your audience at the same time. Want to create your Earth Day activation today? Click here and we’ll get started right away.

  5. April 28: NFL Draft Day
    Activation Type: Predict, Trivia

    Everyone loves to tune-in to the NFL Draft Day and Draft Day is certainly coming. Let’s take this iconic day to the next level with a fun activation that will keep your fans engaged with your team, content, and in-the-know with team updates in real-time. A prediction-style activation would be a fun way for fans to express their voices on who they would love to be drafted to your team and how they think you’ll do it. Another fun way to include fans could be a Trivia activation, that asks fans to put their draft-day knowledge to the test with questions like “who was our first draft pick in 2017?” and so on.

Pico’s digital activations are a unique, exciting way to enhance your content, provide a cool experience for your audience, and learn more about them along the way. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!



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