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Five Digital Activation Ideas for March

Take a look at our top holiday and events happening in March, and how we would turn them into a custom digital activation for brands of any industry. 
Ariella Torv

Ready to activate and further engage your fans this March? Take your content to the next level by pairing it with a digital activation built to create a unique experience for your fans, while collecting valuable data for your brand. Here are our top picks for March events and how we would utilize them for cool content, and experiences. Happy reading and activating!

1. March 8: International Women's Day
Activation Type: Trivia, Guessing Game 

International Women's Day is a holiday celebrated worldwide, commemorating the achievements of women. Take your appreciation a step further and publicly by launching a digital activation that can showcase a few ways in which you honor and recognize women achievements. Want to raise awareness of a cause that your brand is involved in or has launched? A trivia activation can educate your audience in a fun way. Interested in showcasing the many achievements of women within your workplace and organization? Put your audience's knowledge to the test, highlight the women within history and your organization, while presenting them with facts they might not have previously known.

You can play our custom Women's Day activation here where we'll be putting your sports knowledge to the test!

Whichever way you decide to celebrate, a digital activation is a great way to interact with your audience and present to them the ways in which your organization directly celebrates and appreciates women. 

2. March 4 - April 3: 2022 Women's Cricket World Cup
Activation Type: Personality Quiz

Speaking of International Women's Day- the 2022 Women's Cricket World Cup is officially underway after it was postponed last year due to the pandemic. Taking place in New Zealand, this sporting event is a great way to bring awareness to the sport, to the competition, its players, and its sponsors. With a Personality Quiz, cricket fans can find out which player they're most like, with questions such as: What's your go-to cricket move? What's your favorite field-play? And also with personal questions like, what's your favorite food?  What's your favorite activity? With a Personality Quiz, you can strengthen that relationship between fan and player in a fun and organic way. 

3. March 11: Popcorn Lover's Day
Activation Type: Tricky Cups, Memory Game, Personality Test

Popcorn Lover's Day is coming! Whether you use the stove or a microwave to get that snack popping, this is a great, entertaining way, to activate and engage your audience with a snack-time favorite! With our 'Tricky Cups' style activation, you can ask fans to locate the popcorn under the right 'cup' for their chance to win a coupon code to an item at your store - or if you're a sports arena - a coupon to the stadium's snack bar. If you are a popcorn brand like Smartfood, or Orville, and want to showcase your many tasty products- new or classic- a Memory Game is one of the best ways to get your products placed on the devices of your audience, in an organic way, while providing a new type of consumer-experience for them. 

Even on Popcorn Lover's Day, a Personality Test can introduce your products to your audience by telling them which popcorn option is the best fit for them. Whether they like sweet, salty, or savory, it provides a great opportunity for brand and product education. 

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4. March 17: Saint Patrick's Day
Activation Type: Spin the Wheel, Slot Machine, Tricky Cups

It's the luck of the Irish! With our lottery-style activations like Spin the Wheel and Slot Machine, your audience can put their luck to the test while engaging with your brand. Want to further promote a product or announce a sale? Offer a limited time discount for those who play and participate. Either way you will be building awareness of your products and creating a unique experience for your fans, while safely capturing data for your organization. 

5. March 20: British Basketball League Trophy Finals
Activation Type: Personality Test, Predict the Lineup, Guess the Results 

The 2022 British Basketball League Trophy Finals is one of the biggest events in British Basketball, and fans are looking forward to this years games more than ever. Tap into that pre-game hype and ask fans to share who they think will take home the trophy, or which team will score the most points with our custom 'Guess the Results' activation. Your fans are already anticipating the finals and more than likely already discussing it socially and digitally. Use that excitement to strengthen that digital engagement and in turn, that digital relationship. Fans love their voices to be heard, and this is one of the best ways to do just that for them. 

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We at Pico are here to help turn your digital engagement into first party data through our custom digital activations. Contact us today to get your activations live tomorrow! 




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