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Six Digital Activation Ideas for March

Take a look at our top Social Media Holiday picks for March and how we would turn them into a custom digital activation

Ariella Torv

March is here and with that comes a new month of social media holidays and digital activation inspiration. Take a look at our top picks for March events and how we would turn them into an engaging, unique experience for fans. 

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March 5: National Employee Appreciation Day
Activation type: Memory

On National Employee Appreciation Day, what could be more fun and show appreciation than plastering your employees (aka: athletes) faces on a fun game where their fans and friends play and attempt to match each photo? Our Memory Game activation is a great yet simple way to engage your fans that will show both your and their appreciation to the athletes that make sports and game-day magic possible.  

Incentivize your fans even further and offer a prize to whoever matches the most pairs and ask the best way to reach them should they win - email, SMS, Facebook Messenger? With one simple, non-intrusive question, you are able to learn more about each specific fan and their personal contact preferences. 

2. March 8: International Women's Day
Activation type: Vote

This one is for the girls (insert Beyoncé lyrics here)! On International Women's Day, no matter the league, show some well deserved appreciation for female counterparts within the industry! And while women should be celebrated everyday, switch it up for your fans and ask them to vote on their favorite women's league/team moments, plays, goals, baskets, deuce, and more.  We would recommend launching a voting-style or trivia-style activation where each selection showcases a video of the exact player/team/league moment. Let's relive that memorable moment with our fans while also providing a new type of fan experience in the process.

You can play our Women's Day activation here.

3. March 11: Popcorn Lovers Day
Activation type: Tricky cups, Running Man

There’s nothing quite like stadium popcorn and food. And while we can’t yet spend $20 on a bucket of deliciously buttered popcorn while we watch our favorite game, National Popcorn Lovers day makes a great case to showcase that nostalgia in a digital way. 

Our Tricky Cup activation doesn't always have to be tricky cups. The cups themselves can be any object that correlates with the theme and goal of your activation. Switch out the cups for popcorn buckets and ask fans to locate the cup that’s hiding their favorite popcorn! Take it a step further and offer a coupon for a discount to that exact popcorn (or any other stadium snack) for when they can safely catch the game in-person again.

Pico x FPF (2)

4. March 17: St Patrick's Day
Activation type: Running man, Tricky Cups

Saint Patrick’s Day! With this festive holiday there’s ample opportunity to be creative. With Pico’s Running Man activation, you can call on your fans to collect the most gold coins, rainbows, or sponsored products. The running man player itself can be changed to one of your players, a cartoon, a leprechaun- the options are endless as long as it’s 400x400 pixels!

In the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day, here's our take on our Tricky Cups activation, where if we were a sports team with a beverage sponsor, we would call on fans to find the hidden drink. Brand value and awareness to your sponsor, a unique experience for your fans, and safe data-collection for your organization. 

Phone Mockups

5. March 18: Awkward Moments Day | March 19: Let’s Laugh Day
Activation type: Vote

Remember when Gritty of the NHL fought over a dozen goalies at once for the opposing team? Or in 2016 during the NHL All-Star weekend there was a mascot showdown dance-off? Awkward, hilarious, and fun. 

Drive fan engagement by asking your fans to vote on the funniest most awkward moments between rival mascots. You can even showcase each moment by including videos for each vote with Pico’s activation technology. Before the end of the day, announce which video/moment received the most votes and create an opportunity for even further fan discussion and engagement.  

6. March 20: International Day of Happiness
Activation type: Guess the Player, Vote

We could all use a day of international happiness. Bring some happy memories to your fans and launch a voting activation calling on them to vote on their favorite team moment in history. Or, mix a bit of a challenge, and ask fans to guess which smile belongs to which player in our custom “Guess the Player” digital activation. 

We at Pico are here to help engage and identify your fans, and launching these activations will take less than 1 business day. Contact us to get them live tomorrow!



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