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Asaf Nevo

Asaf Nevo
My life agenda is that there is no such thing as an unsolved problem - you just need to seek better for a solution. Although my relatively young age, I've already been in the top of the hierarchy of some successful ventures (night-life company, technological projects, etc..). A few years ago left a managing position and sold my shares in my other company to work full time on my startup - Pico. This decision turned out to be a smart one - Pico is now operating from Israel, Europe and the US - helping sports teams and TV broadcaster to create a personal communication experience to their audience.
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Recent Posts

Dec 29

Our 2021 Year in Review

Here we are again! Wrapping up another unprecedented year that went from confusion, concern, to hopeful, then back to concern, where now we’re all just hoping for the best as we continue to move
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Dec 31


Last year, we welcomed 2020 with open arms, unbeknownst to us what 2020 would actually turn into. It certainly wasn’t what we, or anyone in the world for that matter, could have predicted. While
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Sep 03

Pico Welcomes the Portuguese Football Federation to the Team

Pico - Get Personal is thrilled to announce our recent partnership with European Champions, The Portuguese Football Federation (FPF). The Portuguese Football Federation is responsible for the
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Nov 22

Fan Engagement is Not a Real Challenge

This may seem obvious. For sports teams generating fan engagement is generally not a challenge. Sports fans are seeking out content and more than happy to provide their favorite team and league
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Aug 13

You WON’T believe how many accelerators we’ve participated in!

Well, the answer is three. How many did you think? I know you may be reading this and thinking that that’s ridiculous, and I know that some startups don’t even know what an accelerator is or how they
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