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Roi Mozer

Roi Mozer
I have been managing businesses my entire adult life. Throughout all of these years marketing was my primary focus and passion. Besides being a full-time entrepreneur I'm a family guy, married for 7 years with 3 little kids. I enjoys all kinds of sports, basketball in particular, and loves to end the day sitting at home with my close friends.
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Recent Posts

Jun 08

New Feature: Clickable Images

Pico’s digital activations align perfectly with our core value proposition of never asking a fan to leave the channel they’re currently on and engaged with. It’s important for the fan to have
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Mar 23

Our 2 Biggest Mid-West Wins

About a month ago we relocated our US office from Philly to St. Louis to work side-by-side with one of the best accelerator programs in the country, Capital Innovators.
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Jun 16

Our Race to Success – Infographic

Pico has officially launched its new platform for brands!
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Dec 21

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Photos Matter

Brands cannot ignore the importance of using photos to engage with their fans online
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