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Shachar Shamir

Shachar Shamir
VP of Marketing at Pico, his passion for technology, marketing and sports led him to discover #SportsTech and become a huge fan.
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Apr 25

Zero-Party Data vs. First-Party Data

First, it was Third-Party Data. Then it was First-Party Data. Now, the main focus of the industry is Zero-Party Data, also known as ‘Declared Data’, and it is becoming the main focus of creating and
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Jul 23

Digital Transformation in Sports & The Fan Experience

Digital transformation is a must. Not only for sports, but for all sectors. This has always been the case, even pre-COVID19. When you look at some of our favorite platforms and services, like Uber,
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Apr 05

Zoom & Google Meet Sports Themed Backgrounds

Click the image to enlarge and download
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Nov 29

How to Enhance Your Fans Experience?

Enhancing the fan experience is nothing new to team marketers. In Sports Management 101, students are taught that while the business office can have no control over the team performance, it can
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