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December Activation Ideas Perfect for Fan Engagement & Holiday Cheer

Our top picks for holiday-themed digital activations perfect for building stronger fan connections, creating unique fan experiences, and spreading holiday cheer. Check it out!
Ariella Torv

Holiday season is officially in full swing! Christmas music is gracing our radio stations and local shops, specialty treats are gracing our store shelves, Netflix is announcing new holiday films, and fans across all industries are gearing up to plan and purchase gifts for friends, family, co-workers, and more. 

We can’t forget the fun and themed content that comes with the holiday season! With Pico’s digital activations you can take your holiday content and elevate it with a custom unique experience for fans while enabling you to learn more about them. 

November 28 - Dec 6: Hanukkah
Activation Type: Spin the Dreidel

On brand for Hanukkah and a fun experience for fans, you’ll be sure to keep them engaged and appreciative of this new type of experience from one of their favorite - or favorite - teams. Incentivise fans further by placing special prizes on each section of the wheel. Whether it’s discount codes or the opportunity to win free merch the creative opportunities are endless. Take it a step further and ask your fans the best way to send them their prize- via email? SMS? Now you’ve gained their personal contact information and have learned their preferred contact method. No more spam emails!

introduce our christmas activaions-1

December 21: First Day of Winter 
Activation Type: Catch the Snowflake, Snowball Tricky Cups, Memory Game

With our “Catch the Snowflake” and “Snowball Tricky Cups” activations you’re guaranteed to accomplish one of two things this holiday season. The first- receiving appreciation for how on-theme your content will be and the second, providing a new type of engaging experience for your fans. Keep your fans' attention where they’ll have to catch as many snowflakes as possible or correctly guess where the snowball is hiding with our Tricky Cups-style activation. As an added bonus, fans can play as many times as they want until they get that satisfying win. 

tricky cups

December 24 - 25: Christmas Eve/Day
Activation Type: Guess the Player, Memory Game, Spot the (holiday) Difference

“O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!” While Christmas seems so far away, it’s going to arrive like always - faster than we could have expected and planned for. Pre-plan your Christmas content with Pico and utilize this loved holiday as a way to engage your fans, feel close to one another, and spread those holiday vibes. With any of the below digital activations fans are guaranteed to have a fun time while engaging with your content while you collect valuable data. 

holiday activations

December 26: Boxing Day 
Activation Type: Memory Game, Trivia

This one is for our UK readers! UK fans are ready to shop until they drop on Boxing Day so let’s take full advantage. Launch a trivia activation on players, epic games, wins, trick-shots where whoever answered the most questions correctly wins discounts to season passes, tickets, merch, and more.


Ready to plan and launch your holiday activations? Contact us today to get started.



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