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Five Digital Activation Ideas for April

Spring is here! Take a look at our top picks for April activation ideas
Ariella Torv

Spring is here! Sports (and allergies) are back! The days are longer and sunnier, flowers are blooming, there’s excitement for warmer weather. April is a wonderful month where we begin defrosting from the winter and start to enjoy all of our favorite outdoor activities, whether playing or spectating. Meet your fans’ spring fever with some creative digital activations guaranteed to interest them with a new type of digital fan experience. 

Here are our top activation ideas for April to engage and grow your fanbase while you capture valuable first party data to learn more about them. Let’s get yours live today!  

  1. April 7: National Walking Day
    Activation Type: Running Man

    National Walking Day is a great way for people to get outside, enjoy the spring weather, and build up those steps for their Fitbits. Encourage that behavior with a “Walking Day” themed Running Man activation. Sounds like an oxymoron? It doesn’t have to be, as players can set their own pace. Have the character collect objects ranging from spring flowers, basketballs, Easter baskets, baseballs and more for their chance to win national walking days ultimate prize! Discounted sporting goods, merch, or access to a day of training with your team.

  2. April 8 - 11: The Masters
    Activation Type: Spin the Club

    It’s time to get out your gloves, plaid outfits, and clubs - Golf is here! As golf's first major event of the year arrives, The Masters is here to kick off tournament season. And while the sport itself is typically more “strict”- it doesn’t mean that fans aren’t hyped, engaged, and ready to cheer on their favorites. Especially seeing as how the overall golf demographic has made quite the comeback with “youths”. And with a majority of golf social pages massing up to 1M followers, it’s safe to say that these fans are engaged, tuned in, and interested in connecting.

    We would use our “Spin the Wheel” digital activation but would replace the wheels spinning object with a golf club, white glove, golf-cart - anything really- to provide a fun experience for fans while learning more about them. Offer a 10% discount on the panels, behind the scenes access, or a chance to win tickets. These options will incentivize fans to play and in doing so, will create a more meaningful fan experience when you tap into their season-hype.

  3. April 15: National High-Five Day
    Activation Type: Tap-It

    National High-Five Day! In the midst of COVID-19, you can celebrate National High Five Day safely with our Tap-It activation. Call on your fans to “tap” the object on the screen as fast and as many times as they can before time runs out. Raise the competitive spirit by adding the option for fans to share their score. If you’re offering a prize, ask your fans what’s the best way to reach them should they win, and learn which channels they prefer to be contacted on.

  4. April 17: Major League Soccer Opening Weekend
    Activation Type: Predict, Vote, Match the Player, Personality Test

    MLS’s opening weekend falls on Easter this year, which means there’s potential to capture more fans interest and data. The MLS’s opening weekend is a great way to tap into fans' excitement at the start of the season using our predict/voting activations, personality tests, or match the player. Let’s get into it.

    Our predicting and voting activations can be used throughout the entire season, by asking fans to vote on who they think will score the first goal, which team will win, what team will receive the first flag. Our personality test activation will strengthen even more so the relationship between fan and player/team/league as they find out which player they are most like. And lastly, our match the player activation is a fun way for fans to put names to faces as they test their memory to get the perfect score. You can even take it a step further and place the logos of your sponsors on the back of each card. Check it out below!

  5. April 30: NFL Draft Day
    Activation Type: Predict, Trivia, Memory Game, Spin-to-Win

    Draft day is almost upon us! Scheduled for late April, and in-person, we’re here to take this traditional day a step further for your fans. Provide fans with a fun type of escape as they anxiously wait to see who will be traded where and which players they’ll soon be cheering on.

    Let’s put your fans' knowledge to the test with a draft day trivia-style activation. Whether you ask questions on previous draft days, questions on upcoming rookies, or players in general, you’re bound to get your fans amped up for the upcoming season. Or take our memory game activation and challenge fans to match the faces to the year they were drafted. The creative opportunities are bountiful. 

Our digital activations are a great way to interact and engage with your fans, while learning more about them and collecting strategic data to better influence your marketing campaigns and decisions. You can launch your activations in less than 1 business day. Happy April!



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