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Six Digital Activation Ideas for August

Can you believe August is already here? Time moves fast but Pico moves faster. We’re back this month to provide our top activation ideas that provide your fans with a cool, personalized digital experience. And of course, first-party data for your organization.  

Andrea Behar

As always, with each month comes great opportunities to learn more about your fans unique characteristics and preferences by creating fun and engaging digital activations. Let’s take a look:

1. August 1: Hungary Grand Prix
Activation Type: Running Man, Predict 

The competition is getting heated this racing season. What better way to engage with your fans by providing them with a race of their own, that they can play on the screen of their devices With Pico’s ‘Predict’ activation, fans can compete with one another by accurately (or inaccurately) predicting which racers and teams will get a podium finish.

For fans that want to get behind the wheel, our running man activation lets fans race as one of the many teams and overtake their competition while collecting grand prix trophies and sponsored products. As fans get ready for the Hungary Grand Prix, your team can channel the race weekend excitement to engage your fans while also capturing valuable first party data for your organization. Want to play our Grand Prix activation? Simply click here

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2. August 1: Friendship Day 
Activations: Personality Test, Vote

Celebrate national Friendship day this year by letting your fans find their digital best friend. With our personality test activation, fans can answer a number of questions that will determine which player, coach, or league mascot they’re most like. 

Another idea for this fun holiday is to have fans vote on who their favorite team best friends are. Whether it’s touch down dances, secret handshakes when a basket is made, the creative opportunities for content are limitless. You can even encourage fans to share these activations to their friends in order to compare results!

3. August 6: International Beer Day
Activations: Spin the Wheel, Tricky Cups

Sometimes there’s no better game day refreshment than an ice cold beer. Honor this game day classic with these fun activations that provide numerous opportunities to promote your sponsors. With Pico’s ‘Spin the Wheel’ activation, fans spin the wheel to try to land on sponsored products that result in a fun promotion for your partners and fans have a chance to win cool prizes. 

With Pico’s ‘Tricky Cups’ activation, fans can win prizes and discounts by finding the hidden sponsored beer underneath those classic red cups. Both of these activations allow for a new type of digital fan experience during which your team can capture valuable first party data. 

4. August 24 - Sep 5: Paralympic Games
Activation Type: Predict, Trivia

Athletes all over the world are working hard to prepare for this year’s Paralympics, so why not cheer on our athletes by promoting these Paralympic Game themed-activations. With a ‘Trivia; activation and fans can compete to see who knows more trivia about this iconic sporting event. The Paralympics are an exciting time for the whole world, your team can join the celebration and cheer on these athletes and all it stands for.

5. August 26: Women’s Equality Day
Activations: Vote, Personality Test

Women athletes continue to make strides every year, let’s show some appreciation for our favorite female athletes and their accomplishments! With our ‘Voting’ activation, fans can vote on their favorite moments from women athletes across the globe. Moments like favorite basket, goal, plays, field events, historic times,..etc. We also suggest creating a trivia activation where fans can test their knowledge of important moments in sports history. Another idea is to launch a personality test where fans can answer a series of questions and be resulted with the female athlete that best matches their personality. Promoting these activations not only allows you to receive valuable first party data but it also supports the fight for equality for these amazing female athletes!

6. August 30 - Sept 12: The US Open 
Activations: Spin the Wheel, Predict, Vote

The US Open is coming and the competition is better than ever. We for sure won’t be missing a single set. Let your fans feel engaged and connected during the US Open by promoting a ‘Spin the Wheel’, ‘Predict’, or ‘Voting’ activation. Fans can vote on their top moments, predict the winners of the matches, and spin the wheel to land on tennis-themed items, coupon codes, and/or sponsored products.

Ready to use one of these activations as part of your August content plan?
Contact us today, launch one tomorrow. 



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