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Digital Activation Ideas for February

We're back this month with four ways to engage your fans with Pico activations
Ariella Torv

February is here and we at Pico are ready to help engage and identify your digital fans through our custom digital activations. We're looking at the top trending events for each month and sharing some activation inspiration from our team. 

Let's go!

1. February 7, Super Bowl LV Sunday! 
Activation Type: Trivia, Memory, Prediction/Vote

So, not like the other social media holidays aren’t, but this is right up our alley. Here’s how we would excite and engage our fans even more so if we worked on the content teams of the Kansas City Chiefs and/or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

We would start a few days before the big game with a voting activation where we would ask fans to vote on which team they think will score the first touchdown. Who will get the ball first? Which team will win? We would then ask how that fan will be watching the game. Are they tuning in live or will they be catching game highlights? Will they watch on their television or on a different device? Are they streaming? 

From that, you have an incredibly valuable understanding of how your fans are tuning into the game, which will benefit your second screen marketing strategies

You know that a majority of fans are live-tweeting each play, fumble, TD, trash talk, and those famous Super Bowl commercials. Let’s join that Twitter conversation with a trivia style activation on the current game (yes- Pico’s turnaround times are that fast) or a trivia game on players who have played in the Super Bowl previously. Check out our Super Bowl inspired trivia game: Click Me!

2. February 9, National Pizza Day
Activation Type: Memory, Vote

Zaaa anyone? National Pizza Day is not only a delicious day in general, but it’s a great way to incorporate sponsors that have or are Pizza in their offerings. Take a look at how the Columbus Blue Jackets of the NHL utilized our spin-the-wheel activation to bring value to their sponsor, Papa John’s, while fans aren’t able to physically attend their games. They took a partnership that was originally in-stadium and in-game, and made it digital. Offering fans the opportunity to win a free pie or up to 30% off their next order.

So, if you have a sponsor that fits the bill, you could create your own spin-the-slice, or take it a step further and create a memory game with different types of pizza on each card. Call on fans to test their memory and match the slices! Or simply, ask your fans to vote on their favorite types of pizza. Making it that much easier for you and your sponsors to reach back and provide offers that fans will actually be interested in redeeming.

3. February 14, Valentine’s Day 

Activation Type: Running Man, Find the Difference, Spin the Wheel, Memory

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so here’s your reminder to plan something special for that someone in your life as well as your fans. Even a day like Valentine’s Day can be utilized to meet your marketing goals and strategies with Pico activations. Want to get your fans into the Valentine’s spirit? How about a Find the Difference game featuring one of the players with their partner and/or family where you can challenge fans to find each difference in the photo. 

Or take our Running Man activation and challenge them to collect the most amount of hearts in order to win 15% off in your online store. Screenshots of how it can look below!

Pico x FPF

4. February 20, Love Your Pet Day

We LOVE our pets, and we also LOVE our team mascots! They are always there to provide some humor, comfort, and more during the game and afterwards, especially on social media. Let’s show your mascot some love on national Love Your Pet Day and call on fans to vote on their favorite mascot moments. Whether social media or physical moments, they’ll enjoy reminiscing about each memory and your mascot will get some extra attention. 

Getting these activations live will take less than 1 business day. Create and launch your activations today!

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