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Digital Activation Ideas for February

Take a look at our top Social Media Holidays for February and how we would turn them into custom digital activations.
Ariella Torv

February is a great month filled with annual sporting events we love, and holiday’s we (and Hallmark) can’t get enough of. But it’s extremely important to remember that February is Black History Month, a time to celebrate and remember Black achievements and provide a reminder of where systematic racism persists and how we can increase visibility to the people and organizations creating and advocating for change. We celebrate Black excellence, lives, contributions not only in February, but all year. 

1. February 9: National Pizza Day
Activation Type: Memory, Vote

You might not believe us, but over 30% of fans that played in Pico’s activations in 2021 voted that they don’t like Pepperoni as a pizza topping! That is just a sample of what you can learn about your digital audience with Pico activations- especially if you have a sponsor that could benefit from that finding. 

National Pizza Day doesn’t only sound delicious, it is delicious! Take a look at how the Columbus Blue Jackets from the NHL asked their fans to “Spin the Slice” for a chance to win 30% off their next order. Or build a custom Memory Game where fans have to match different variations of pizza slices and or combos offered in your stadium or by sponsors. It’s a fun day that we can all relate to, with an added benefit to your organization.


2. February 13: Super Bowl LVI Sunday
#SuperBowlSunday #SuperBowl
Activation Type: Prediction, Trivia, Memory

Super Bowl Sunday is here and we are preparing our 7-layer dips, our wings, our commercial ratings, and engaging with our teams on digital! The Super Bowl guarantees a huge buzz in the weeks leading up to the event and fast moving conversations on social (especially Twitter) the night of. Let’s join in on those conversations, where fans are already engaged, and ask them to put their true Super Bowl knowledge to the test with a Super Bowl Trivia activation. 

Or, with the NFL upping their tech and gambling game in 2021, ask your fans to make a prediction on who will take home this year's trophy and rings, or who will make the first touchdown. 

You can play our custom 2022 Super Bowl activation here:


3. February 14: Valentine’s Day
Activation Type: Spaceship, Find the Difference, Spin the Wheel, Running Man, Tap It

Valentine’s Day is just about here so this is an official reminder to pick up that chocolate, those flowers, cards, or movie tickets. But to also create something special for your fans. Meet your team’s marketing goals with a Running Man or Tap-It activation. Ask fans to ‘tap’ the screen as fast as possible for a chance to win up to 15% off on their next order/purchase. With our Spaceship activation, you can call on fans to do their best in capturing all of the hearts while avoiding the broken hearts along the way. 

If you have a custom merch or a sale dedicated to Valentine’s day, an activation is a great way to promote the offers, keep your fans engaged with your page and content, and most importantly, you can learn who those fans are.

Want to play our Tap It activation for Valentine's Day? Click here! 

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4. February 20: Daytona 500
Activation Type: Running Man, Prediction, Trivia
talladega nights

We are shakin’ and bakin’ over here at Pico with digital activation ideas perfect for the annual Daytona 500. A 500 mile race is the perfect opportunity to provide a unique experience for fans in the stadium watching as well as fans at home keeping track- literally. With our Prediction activation you can ask your fans to vote on which driver will finish the race first, and with our Trivia activation fans can compete against one another (in a friendly way of course) in remembering who won previous years races, which drivers have won the most races, and more. 

With a Memory Game activation fans can match drivers to their cars, or simply match cars together. A Memory Game activation is also a great way to put sponsors logos on the devices of your fans in an organic way that drives brand awareness, recall. and action

We at Pico are here to help engage and identify your fans, and launching these activations takes less than 1 business day. Contact us today and launch yours tomorrow!



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