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Five Quick Ways to Engage & Know Your Fans this October

October is here and with it comes the NHL, the NBA, Pumpkin Spice, Halloween and more. Here are our top picks for themed digital activations in October. Guaranteed to keep fans engaged and databases growing. Check it out!

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September 21, 2021 might have been the first official calendar day of Fall, but to us, the month of October is when Fall truly begins. With pumpkin spice is in our coffees, leaves changing colors, fall’s brisk air and traditions bring not only spooky season, but new seasons in sports, multiple calendar holidays, and of course, an array of opportunities to excite and engage your fans. 

1. NHL Season Starts
Activation Type: Trivia, Personality Quiz, Predict the Winner, Memory Game

The Stanley Cup wasn’t all that long ago and here we are welcoming the start of the upcoming NHL season. Not only are we excited to cheer on some of our favorite teams and partners, but the start of a new season is a perfect way to hype up your fans through unique experiences that they can only get from your team.

With activations like, Trivia, Personality Quiz, Predict the Winner, and more, fans will love the chance to put their true fan knowledge to the test by remembering iconic goals, plays, and wins from the previous season. Take it a step further and have fans learn which player they’re most like with our custom Personality Quiz activation. Afterwards, let them share their results with their friends which will be fun for them and raise organic awareness for your post, activation, and starting season.

2. October 4: National Taco Day
Activation Type: Memory Game, Spin the Wheel, Scratch Card

National Taco Day should really be an international holiday celebrated by all- who doesn’t love tacos and who wouldn’t want to celebrate such a day? We’re taking to this national holiday with activations like Memory Game, Spin the Wheel, or Scratch Card. Do you happen to have a sponsor related to tacos? Tequila- or another beverage that pairs well? A local eatery whose tacos can’t be beat? This would be a great way to promote these partners or businesses in your community in an organic, fun way. With each activation, you can place the logos of these brands on the personal devices of your fans in a non-intrusive way. You can offer various discounts or coupon codes for participating. And most importantly, you can learn which offers your fans are interested in and most likely to convert with.

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3. NBA Season Starts
Activation Type: Find the Difference, Trivia, Guess the Player, Personality Quiz

With the NBA season underway, fans are asking questions like will King James get another ring? What’s happening with the 76ers? Home games near me? With Pico’s digital activations like Find the Difference, Trivia, Guess the Player, and more, meet your fans where they are and provide them with an engaging experience that allows you to learn more about them as fans.

With Find the Difference, take the most iconic image-stills from last season and ask fans to find the difference. With our classic Guess the Player activation, have your fans vote on who the mystery player is. Take these activations up a notch and add a timer where fans will have to beat the clock to win discounts to your online store, or tickets to the next home-game.

4. October 21: Get to Know Your Customers Day
Activation Type: Vote

What better way for you to understand your fans likes, preferences, and wants than Get to Know Your Customers Day? What’s their favorite type of content that you share? What’s their favorite type of giveaway? Favorite player? Preferred merchandise? Preferred method of buying tickets? Where do they watch the game? From a CPG and brand standpoint- ask your audience directly which products they love the most? Which sales are they most likely to shop? Do they prefer online shopping or in-person? 

All of the above questions can be answered with our Vote style activation where fans can select from a selection of answers or input their own text. You'll learn more about them on a one-to-one level that will help create personalized experiences and foster that relationship even more.

5. October 31: Halloween
Activation Type: Guess the Player, Tap-It, Memory game

No better way to celebrate spooky season and of course, Halloween, then by bringing it to the digital space for your fans. Sponsored or not, Halloween can be a fun way to engage your audience even if there isn't a game or event. With our Guess the Player digital activation, you can disguise fan-favorite players with skeletons, pumpkins, witchy-gear, and more- the creative opportunities here are limitless. Happy Halloween and happy guessing!

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