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Five Digital Activation Ideas for September

Move over August, September is here. We’re back this month to provide our top activation ideas that provide a unique fan experience and of course, first-party data for your organization.  

Andrea Behar

As we wrap up the summer months and head into a new school year and a new (sports) season with new holiday’s, there are so many opportunities to tap into fan energy and engagement. Here are our top picks for September activations guaranteed to provide a unique fan experience while building out your fan database.

1.September 4: National Tailgating Day
Activation Type: Personality Test

Tailgating games and events is a North American staple. After the last year and a half, with little to no tailgates, hype up your fans on how they can tailgate together safely. With Pico’s Personality Test activation, you can provide your fans with ideas specific to their tailgate. Whether it’s narrowing down the best tailgate recipes, games, and more, you can create personalized and creative responses that fit each fan's traditions and wants.

If you incorporate a sponsor, you can promote their products - with a discount or not - to help provide the ultimate tailgating experience with the best goodies. Take a look at how the Canadian Football League utilized the Personality Test activation to let fans see which player they were most like:

2. September 6: Labor Day
Activation Type: Trivia, Vote, Memory Game

Labor Day is a holiday on the first Monday of September that’s celebrated in the United States. The day honors the American labor movement and grants a day off to all those in the workforce. It’s also the holiday that officially puts summer on the backburner. Ease your fans into this new mindset with a fun end of summer themed trivia activation. Test your fans' knowledge on the greatest summer plays and games. You can even tie in your social content and ask which posts went viral this summer? Which players' posts went viral? What was your favorite content from the summer? The opportunities to communicate and learn from your fans are endless.

3. September 10: NFL season starts
Activation Type: Vote, Spot the Difference, Spin the Wheel

It’s (almost) here! The NFL season is beginning to be underway and we know those Football fans are ready to get their Sunday game-day traditions back on. Hype up your fans with a variety of activations like voting, spot the difference, spin the wheel and more. To prepare fans for the new season and games, ask them to relive their favorite experiences and feelings from the previous season by voting on best plays, touchdown dances, draft day moments and more.


4. September 18: National Cheeseburger Day
Activation Type: Spot the Difference, Memory Game, Personality Test

Nothing hits the spot during or after a game quite like a cheeseburger. Celebrate this game day classic by posting these fun, engaging, and informative activations. With our memory activation you can challenge fans to match as many pictures of cheeseburgers, players, and sponsors within a specific time frame. As they race to beat the clock, your sponsors will have immediate brand recognition on the personal devices of fans in an organic way. Take it a step further and offer a discount code to your local community burger spots or restaurants. 

To further increase engagement, and burger awareness, a “What type of burger are you?” A personality test is sure to be a home run. From classic, to cheeseburger, to BBQ, this is a fun and different way to offer a new experience to your fans on a holiday that probably wasn’t part of your content strategy in the past.

5. September 24-26: Ryder Cup
Activation Type: Spin the Wheel, Memory Game, Trivia

After two years of anticipation, the Ryder Cup is finally here and it’s going to be a part-tee! The best golfers from the United States and Europe are ready to compete and we are ready with our Ryder Cup inspired activations. 

Customize our spin the wheel activation to spin a club that lands on golf balls, trophies, and special promotions- sponsored or not. With our Memory Game activation, challenge fans to match as many golf related images as they can during a specific time. If you think your fans are up for the challenge, test them with Ryder Cup related trivia and see how you can get the highest score, which in this case, is actually a good thing. All the while collecting valuable data with questions like “How do you watch golf matches?” or “Who is your favorite player?”.

Ready to use one of these activations as part of your September content plan?
Contact us today, launch one tomorrow. 



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