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Our Summer Interns Share Their Pico Experience

As Summer nears its end, so does internship season. Learn more about the highlights, favorite memories, and knowledge that our three summer interns, Gracie, Andrea, and Peter gained from their internship experience at Pico!
Pico Get Personal

As Summer nears its end, so does internship season. Learn more about the highlights, favorite memories, and knowledge that our three summer interns, Gracie, Andrea, and Peter gained from their internship experience at Pico!

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself and what/where you are studying.

Gracie: My name is Gracie Silverstein and I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I currently attend the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and am studying Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation as well as Professional Sales. Growing up as a dancer, creativity has always been something that has driven my thought process. I hope to use this mindset to one day start my own business while simultaneously supporting my community. 

Andrea: My name is Andrea Behar and I’m from San Diego, California. I am going into my Junior year at UCSD and I’m studying Cognitive Science. I grew up playing sports and I learned if you are dedicated and work hard in a productive way only good results will come. I have always been interested in psychology and technology and I hope to apply these interests later in my career. 

Peter: My name is Peter Beer and I am from Thousand Oaks, CA. I’m a rising Junior in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, and I am studying Marketing with a minor in Sport Management and Marketing. Sports have been a huge part of my life and I hope to one day work for a professional team either in the MLB, NFL, or NBA. I also love traveling, good food, fantasy football, and comedy. 

  • What was your favorite memory this summer during your internship at Pico?

Gracie: My experience at Pico is one I will look back on with only fond memories. Above all, the vibe in the office is a feeling that I will not forget. Every member of the Pico team is unified on accomplishing one mission, which radiates throughout the whole company. Getting to know all of my co-workers and learning about their stories and their careers was really a highlight for me.  

Andrea: My favorite memory this summer during my internship with Pico is getting lunch with the team and bonding at our dining table in the office. The people at Pico are remarkable and I hope to work with people that are that driven and kind in the future. The work culture of Pico is inviting, warm, and it feels like a second family. 

Peter: My favorite memory at Pico this summer was the first-day lunch. It was a great way to meet everyone and feel welcomed into the office for the summer, and the shawarma was amazing.   

  • What is your favorite memory from your summer in Israel?

Gracie: Pinpointing one single memory is very difficult for me. Among the things this summer has taught me, one that stands out is the importance of small moments shared with good company. With that, Israel’s sunsets are breathtaking. Any night that I was fortunate enough to watch the sunset with friends, food, or laughs will be a night that I remember forever. 

Andrea: I don’t have a particular memory because the whole trip was extremely memorable. The people I met on this trip, from the people in my program to Israelis, have truly made my time here incredible. Going to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv with friends, being invited to parties with Israelis, and meeting family I’ve never talked to before were some highlights from my trip that I don’t think I could get anywhere else.

Peter: My favorite memory from my summer in Israel was staying in Eilat for a weekend. Minus the scorching heat, it was one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been in. We took a boat out on the Red Sea, snorkeled with some “exotic” fish, stayed at the beach, and went out to a popular club. 

  • What's something interesting you learned while working at Pico?

Gracie: The concept of first-party data was completely foreign to me. From day one, the Pico team took the time to ensure we understood every aspect of what they did and how they were able to execute it each day. Pico strives to allow companies to “own” rather than “rent” their data, which is something every organization could benefit from. In addition, experiencing corporate culture in another country is a learning experience in and of itself. I will take many of the Pico values with me to the United States, and for the remainder of my professional career. 

Andrea: Before working with Pico I knew that companies tracked consumer data, however, I didn’t realize how much information and data companies really had and how if used correctly it could be used to make important decisions. I realized that in this new tech world, it’s not so much about getting data but rather knowing how to filter it and get valuable information out of it.

Peter: I did not realize how little teams actually knew about their fans. Of course, teams can see fans interacting with their content and outreach quantitatively, but it never occurred to me that these fans were still completely anonymous to the teams. It was interesting to see how a simple activation game of tapping a button for prizes can uncover hundreds of fans that were previously hidden from the team. I’ll also leave with a bunch of new skills and experience that will help me in my future career endeavors.   

  • What's your biggest takeaway on first-party data in fan marketing?

Gracie: It was extremely interesting to have my perspective flipped, as before my time at Pico, I was a target of the same fan marketing that Pico enables teams to create. With this, my biggest takeaway is that if companies are not using Pico, they are missing out! 

Andrea: My biggest takeaway is I didn’t realize that companies don’t have the same access to their fan’s data that social media platforms have. I always assumed that buying data was easy and I didn’t realize that it is crucial for teams and brands to actually own their data and not have to buy it from third-party sellers.

Peter: My biggest takeaway on first-party data in fan marketing is that it is a thing that exists. I had no idea what first-party data was or that it even was a concept that existed; however, I’m now able to take my knowledge and understanding of first-party data and carry it with me through the rest of my professional career. My other biggest takeaway on first-party data in marketing is how important and revolutionary it is for the future. The benefits and importance of owning your first-party data are immense, and first-party data seemingly is the future of marketing, especially in the sports industry. 

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