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Five Digital Activation Ideas for June

Our top 5 picks for June-themed digital activations that will keep your fans engaged and your database growing.
Ariella Torv

Hello, June! It's great to see you. As always, we're here to give you some inspiration for digital activations that will engage your fans, provide a unique experience, and help you build out your database with rich first-party data. Let's dive right in, shall we? 

1. June 4: National Donut Day
Activation Type: Running Man, Memory Game (collect the donuts)

We didn’t know there was such a thing as National Donut Day but we, along with Homer Simpson, are glad it exists! And is there anything more iconic than a bright pink donut? This day, while food based, can work really well with and without a sponsor. With Pico’s Running Man activation, challenge your fans to collect all of the donuts while avoiding the obstacle. They can either win bragging rights with the highest score, or win a sweet treat.

Another idea? Take our classic Memory Game activation and ask fans to match the most pairs of donuts together in the fastest amount of time. Who knows, maybe a discount for a donut and coffee will be waiting for them on the other side. 

Phone Mockups (3)

2. June 8: Best Friends Day
Activation Type: Personality Test, Vote

#BestFriendsDay is a great way to relive some fan favorite moments. To maximize this day we suggest launching a Personality Test or Voting activation. For the Personality Test. fans can enter a series of questions to see which player they would be best friends with, deepening that team and fan bond. Another method of keeping your fans engaged with your content, is to ask them to vote on their favorite player-friend moments- whether it’s a secret handshake between players, post-goal dance, or goal-assist, fans will be happy to share their opinion on their favorite moments.

3. June 11: UEFA EURO Cup 2021
Activation Type: Prediction, Trivia, Memory Game

After the Super-League drama, Football (Soccer for our North Americans), is a big topic of conversation. But as one of the most popular sports on a global level, it’s always in fans’ mind frames. Build around the hype of the UEFA Euro Cup and launch a Prediction game where fans are called to predict who will score first, or who will win the cup. Further incentivize your fans by offering a prize for whoever predicts correctly or closely. We even created it for you to see it in action! Click here to predict and play!


Want to really challenge your fans and give them the ultimate bragging rights? Launch a Trivia activation on previous years Euro Cups and put their knowledge to the test!

4. June 20: Father’s Day
Activation Type: Personality test, Match the Player, Trivia

Let’s dedicate a digital activation to our dad’s and their dad jokes. Similar to our Mother’s Day ideas, this day can provide a fun and unique game to categorize your dad through a personality test, where you can then share the results with him directly. With something like a “what type of game-day dad are you?” or “what kind of tailgate dad are you?” that include the classic dad questions like “how many hours before an event do you head out the door?” and more, it’s a great way to show some love, humor, and appreciation to all the dads out there. You can see an example of our Personality Test activation here

5. June 30: Social Media Day #SMDay
Activation Type: Vote 

Want to see what type of content your fans love the most? #SocialMediaDay is a great way to start finding out. Ask your fans to vote on their favorite and top social media moments from your pages. Did they like this Instagram story over that Facebook post? Do they prefer your content over Twitter or Instagram? Learn more about the types of content your fans love directly from them. 

Ready to add these digital activations to your June content calendar? Contact our team today and get your activation launched tomorrow.



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