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Holiday-Themed Activations Guaranteed to Put Fans in the Holiday Spirit

Holiday season is just around the corner! Here are Pico's Top 10 holiday-themed activations guaranteed to keep your fans engaged and in the holiday spirit.
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After a long, challenging, and confusing year the holiday season is officially here. That means Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas will be on the radio every time it’s turned on, holiday cookies are gracing the super markets, snow will fall, and fans across all industries are prepared to buy gifts for friends and family. 

Use the holiday season and your holiday content to launch exciting, holiday-themed activations to provide fun, at-home fan experiences. With Pico's technology you'll create something unique for your fans while also learning valuable information about them that will influence and encourage data-driven decision making. 

Check out our ideas below for holiday activations that can be used to spread extra holiday cheer to your fans this season.

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  1. Spin the Dreidel / Spin the Christmas Tree
    Activation Type: Spin the Wheel

    Take our classic Spin the Wheel activation and make it holiday themed with a spin the dreidel theme, spin the Christmas tree theme, spin the stocking… the creative opportunities here are limitless and you can have your fans spinning whatever your holiday heart desires. Create more of an incentive to play through placing different prizes throughout each segment of the wheel. After playing, ask fans the best method for them to receive their prize, whether it’s email or SMS. Now your organization has both learned and collected new contact information and the best way to reach those fans.

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  2. Memory Game with Gifts
    Activation Type: Memory

    Pico’s memory activations are perfect for fans to play a fun game, and provide an opportunity to place the logos of your partners on their personal devices in an organic way. For the holiday season, spice up the campaign a bit and ask fans to beat the clock to win their prizes. Whoever is able to match the most pairs in the least amount of time wins! End the activation with a link to your partners website featuring their new holiday products and/or sale. Drive clicks and conversions with this unique twist of a memory game.

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  3. Choose your Christmas present!
    Activation Type: Vote

    Fans love to vote and share their voice! Call on your fans to vote on their most wanted team-themed Christmas gift. Whether it's tickets, merch, VIP passes, and more, you’ll learn more about your fans true wants.

  4. Holiday Game-day Trivia
    Activation Type: Trivia

    Hellooo holiday game-day! Not only do fans love to vote and share their voice (see above) but they also love to show how much knowledge they have when it comes to their teams. Round up the most iconic, historic games that were played on or throughout the holiday seasons. Let’s see how much your fans really know about that touchdown on Christmas day in 1995.

  5. Guess the Player - Santa’s Helpers Version
    Activation Type: Guess the Player

    Guess the Player is already a classic in sports media, however with Pico, you can add a holiday-twist and capture valuable data on your fans while doing so. Ask your fans what their preferred prize would be - beanie, hoodie, jersey? Then ask the best way to contact them is. You’ll have identified your fan in the process, provided a fun game, learned their preferred merch, and the best method of reaching them.

    introducing our christmas activations

  6. Snowball Tricky Cups
    Activation Type: Tricky Cups

    One of our newest activations, Tricky Cups, but make it winter. Keep your fans attention through this fun game where they have to correctly guess where the ball is - in this case snowball. As an added bonus, fans can play as many times as they want until they get that satisfying W. 

    introducing our christmas activations (1)

  7. What kind of holiday person are you?
    Activation Type: Personality Test

    Ask your fans a series of questions to find out what type of holiday person they are. Are they a holiday fanatic? Gifting champion? Grinch? Mix in unique questions to make things more interesting and engaging.

  8. Spot the (holiday) Difference
    Activation Type: Spot the Difference

    Challenge your fans to beat the clock with our Spot the Difference activation. Change the level from easy, to medium, to hard, and see how many differences your fans can spot. At the end of the activation, ask your fans if they enjoyed playing and if they'd like to be notified in the future to play similar games. Don't forget to enable the sharing feature so fans can share their winning results! 

    introducing our christmas activations (2)

  9. Scratch Card
    Activation Type: Scratch Card

    Anyone else’s grandparents buy them scratch cards as stocking stuffers? Take Pico's Scratch Card activation and change the images to match your theme while keeping your fans engaged by having the result screen turn into a discount code for your merch store. Take it a step further and keep your fans engaged with your content by including a link to the online shop at the end of the activation.

  10. Boxing Day Trivia
    Activation Type: Trivia

    Where are the UK readers at?! Boxing day is around the corner. It’s the holidays! Fans are ready to shop. Use Boxing Day to your advantage by offering a discount to season tickets, game-day tickets, merch, VIP highlight reels, etc. Test their knowledge on a specific game, player stats or more and let them reap the benefits of their knowledge.

Plan and launch your holiday activations today! Contact us to start now and learn more.




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