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How The Sports Industry is Continuing to Uplift its Community

Times are hard. We made a blog highlighting all of the positives things happening within the sports industry that are working to bring comfort to the community and keep everyone united.

Ariella Torv


Within the last month and a half, the entire world has been turned upside down from COVID-19. Industries that thrive with big crowds have had to shut down. Half of the nation is working from home, while the essential employees, who are truly heroes, our out fighting the good fight for us. The term, Social Distancing, has reached Google's "Peak Popularity" in Search. We've all felt loss through this time, in one way or another. We are all continuing to go through this and learn with each other. Times are certainly crazy and even a little bit scary. With every other post, word, show, news segment, we are hearing about COVID-19, and rightfully so, as the public needs to stay safe and informed. However it’s bringing some (totally understandable) feelings of anxiousness, nervousness, even sadness. 

That’s why we wanted to bring some positivity back to your feed and to your reading by sharing all of the positive things happening during this time, specifically within or from the sports world. In such a time of need,  the sports industry has stepped up and showed out with major players, from all corners of the sports industry.

We've put together some of the top moments or actions taken by members of the sports world that are bringing moments of comfort to its audience and fans. We'll continue adding to this list as time goes on, but please also share with us your stories in the comments of what you have seen happening in your community. 

  1. When the sports industry came to an abrupt stop, Fanatics Inc., known for making all of the gear for Major League Baseball, shifted gears and announced it would immediately halt production of jerseys to make nonsurgical-grade, single use masks and gowns for doctors, nurses and healthcare providers who are on the frontline of battling the virus. They’ll be donating close to a million masks and gowns when production ends.

  2. Bauer Hockey, who traditionally produces hockey equipment, felt the need to help as well. They partnered with Cascade Lacrosse to produce medical face shields in their facilities across Blainville, Quebec, Liverpool and New york. They’ve since received over 1 million orders and are delivering.

  3. Football (or soccer - depending where you're from 😉) stars like Marcus Rashford and Lionel Messi curated a great way to pass the time and connect with their fans through the #StayAtHomeChallenge. It encourages their fans to stay home, to stay safe and to stay active while they see how long they can juggle any object (in this case, toilet paper!) for:

  4. The Chelsea Football Club, along with its owner Roman Abramovich, has announced it’s joining forces with the National Health Service (NHS) and is making the Millennium Hotel at Stamford Bridge available to all NHS staff, as they are working long hours and some are unable to return home due to risk of exposure to family members. Abramovich will be covering all costs of the accommodation. In a quote from Chelsea, “local accommodation helps maintain the health and well-being of these crucial personnel at this critical time.”

  5. Bundesliga’s BVB Dortmund, has launched a daily challenge called the #StayHome challenge. They’re using Facebook Messenger to interact with their fans through fun games such as trivia, memory and more to connect with their fans during a time they can’t be physically together. Are you a Dortmund fan? You can play along here and put your knowledge to the test: bit.ly/2QP81Jy 

  6. The NBA launched NBA Together - a global community and social engagement campaign aiming to support, engage, educate and inspire youth, families and fans in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

  7. Real Madrid, one of the most widely supported teams globally, has announced it will be using its stadium, the second largest in Spain, as a place to store and distribute medical supplied and donations. In a statement, the club said "Real Madrid Club de Futbol, in collboration with the High COuncil for Sport, has launched a project in madrid to supply and distribute strategic medical supplied to be used in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic."


  8. La Liga managed to raise £129,000 for the fight against COVID-19, through an organized FIFA tournament. With football on hold, La Liga players traded the actual game itself for PlayStations with their online tournament. More than 170,000 fans watched along and were able to see Real Madrid's Marco Asensio, who missed the entire last season due to a knee injury, win the final match. It was a great way of bringing fans together to cheer on their favorite teams and players once more.

    Translation: 🎮OFFICIAL | And the last one summoned is... @marcoasensio10 💥 The striker of the @SeFutbol, he will fight for the victory along with his three teammates 🙌 LET'S GO, MARCO 💪!

We all have a responsibility to adhere to guidelines and restrictions put in place to protect our safety and our communities. However, it is truly refreshing and brings a sense of joy and pride to see how sports teams, leagues, players, and companies are banding together to bring us and the world, some form of comfort and security during this extremely trying time. 

During these uncertain times there simply is no right way to communicate with your audience, but what you can be is empathetic and reiterate how we are really and truly all in this together. Whether it’s fun challenges, team games or extraordinary moves to help the healthcare industry, the sports industry has made us, its fans, feel a little bit better and more confident from their donations and help.


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