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Instagram Activations Made Easy with Pico!

Identify and own 1st party data with Pico’s latest Instagram feature that makes native activations.
Pico Get Personal

Pico is proud to announce that as of today, our new feature for Instagram activations is officially live! Seamlessly engage and identify your fans all from the comment section and direct messenger right on Instagram. Our clients have already begun utilizing this feature to keep their Instagram fans and followers connected and in-tune with their updates and content. 

With Pico’s new feature, any page with an engaged digital following can easily connect Pico to their Instagram DMs. Once connected, fans are set for unique digital experiences on Instagram to the likes of trivia, memory games, and more, that enables you to learn more about them, who they are, their unique preferences, desires and more. All data collected is done so in a safe and data-compliant way that creates the opportunity to grow your database and implement targeted and efficient marketing campaigns, strategies, and more.

Didn’t you have an Instagram story capability? 

That is correct! And our link-stickers from stories to engaging activation feature isn’t going anywhere. We’ve simply created another way to keep fans engaged with your content in an organic manner, while you safely collect data to learn more about them.

So, what’s different?

Rather than relying on just story views to get fans to play within one of your custom activations, you can now utilize your Instagram feed’s content. With our new feature, you can ask fans to comment on your post with a custom ‘Trigger’ word or emoji and the activation will begin instantly via Instagram DM. Staying true to our core value of never asking a fan to leave the digital platform they’re on and engaged with. 

In addition, now data will be safely collected and connected to all of your Instagram followers. You'll be able to know who that follower is down to their name, their follower count, if they've participated in any of your previously launched activations, and so much more. Through this, personalized push messages can be sent and personalized marketing campaigns can be created. 

But we still love IG stories! So much so that we’ve added another capability to IG stories that doesn’t include a swipe up sticker. Launching a contest? Ask your fans to upload anything to their personal Instagram story and tag your page. They’re now immediately entered into the contest from the comfort of their own phone, content and Instagram account.New-Feature-with-Instagram-01

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Here’s a step-by-step breakdown on all the Instagram capabilities Pico offers 

After a quick setup that connects Pico’s platform to your Instagram, the fun really begins. 

  • Instagram Bio #LinkinBio
    • Include the activation link within your bio and ask fans to click and play

  • Instagram Story #DoItForTheStory
    • Ask your followers to upload a Story that includes a mention/tag of your page or includes the predetermined trigger word. The activation will immediately open the activation within their DMs
    • Use an engaging sticker within your Instagram story that links to the activation via Messenger

  • Instagram Post #DoItForTheGram
    • Create and share your content like usual and within the caption ask fans to send your pre-selected trigger word via IG DM. Trigger words can range from ‘Play Now’, ‘Vote Now’, to Pico Is The Best 2021

  • Break it Down in The Comments #CommentForComment
    • Don’t want to take it to DMs just now and want to build up the engagement on your actual posts? Ask your fans and followers to comment with your predetermined trigger word or emoji to start playing. Easy, engaging, and most importantly fun for your fans. 
    • Instagram or Pico’s messenger will be launched instantly, the activation will be played by thousands, and above all, data will be captured

  • Attention SAP and Microsoft Dynamics customers! 
    • If you have SAP, you’re in luck! With our SAP integration you can seamlessly integrate the data automatically to your CRM/CDC

Want to hear more and begin owning valuable data? Contact us today to schedule a demo.



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