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Instagram Channel: Pico's New Feature

Our Director of Product dives into our newest Instagram feature, and all the technicalities behind it. Happy reading!
Saady Abu Hatoum

Did you see that we launched a new feature on Instagram?

Here's a Technical SparkNotes Version of the Feature 

  • Clients can connect with their Instagram followers via a conversational flow built within Pico’s platform.
  • Conversation flows include:
  • Manage client’s IG inbox in Pico’s platform
  • Once the fan interacts with the client’s IG DM, the following data will automatically be added to their unique User Profile in Pico’s platform:
    • Name
    • Profile Picture
    • If they’re following your account

  • In order to initiate a conversation, the fan can write or send a trigger word as a comment, story reply, or DM.

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Let’s get into it

Instagram Messaging enables followers and Instagram users to connect with your business and page in a personal way through private replies, DMs, and post comments. As a business, there are different ways to lead and entice people to start engaging with your profile and page on Instagram that can assist in driving and reaching business goals. 

Each reply can be associated with a trigger set in the Activation configuration, called “Trigger Words”. 


It’s very simple to add IG Messenger to your Pico account. All you need to have is an Instagram Business Account.

If you have a personal Instagram account you can convert your Instagram personal profile to a business profile:

  • Sign in to Facebook and select Pages from the menu on the left.
  • Select the Page you want to connect your Instagram profile to.
  • Select Settings at the bottom of the Manage Page menu on the left.
  • Select Instagram in the Page Settings menu.
  • Select Connect Account, and then select Continue.
  • Enter your Instagram account credentials (username and password) and then select Log In.
  • You may be prompted automatically to convert your Instagram profile. Choose Business. If not, select Get Started or Switch Now to convert your personal profile to a business profile.

Note: Due to limitations from Instagram, only business profiles get full access to the Instagram features available in Pico.

A Facebook Page connected to your Instagram account

To connect your Facebook Page and Instagram account:

  1. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.
  2. Go to your Page and click Page settings in the bottom left.
  3. Click Instagram in the left column, then click Connect Account.
  4. Toggle Allow access to Instagram messages in Inbox on or off. When on, it provides access to people who manage your Page to view and respond to Instagram messages.
  5. Click Confirm.
  6. Enter your username and password and click Log In.
  7. Click Connect account, then click Confirm. If you're connecting a personal Instagram account to a Page managed in Business Manager, change your Instagram account to a professional one:
         - Click Business or Creator account
         - Click Next
         - Click Done.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/help/1148909221857370

Enable managing of Instagram messages via API

You'll need to enable the “Allow access to Messages” option in the Instagram mobile app. So, open your Instagram app and:

1. Select the Instagram Business profile
2. Tap Settings
3. Then Privacy
4. Then Messages
5. And finally toggle on Allow access to Messages

Engagement Types

  1. Private replies
  2. IG DM
  3. Story mentions

Trigger words

Trigger words are specific words written by the user in a posts comment section that instantly opens Instagram's Direct Messenger and initiates the activation flow. Trigger Words are set in the Pico platform and they have the option to be: text, letters or emojis. 

Each activation will have it’s own Trigger Word, that can be set in the Activation Publish settings. In addition Trigger Words can be set for a specific post. 

Messaging Platform Policy

To send messages to someone on Instagram, the conversation must be initiated by the user. Messages sent with the Messenger Platform must comply with the policies and guidelines for what types of content and under what conditions they can be sent. For more details, see the Messenger Platform Policy Overview.


Unlike FB or TW, IG doesn’t support creating links that directly send participants into IG DM. Therefore, the only way to get participants into a conversation flow is by using Trigger words that can be written in the various sections of the platform (IGDM, Comments, Stories, etc..). 


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