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It's Super Bowl Trivia Time!

Back-to-back Super Bowl champs, oldest QB's, 1.2 billion chicken wings, and more on this Super Bowl LV Trivia. Check it out!
Ariella Torv

Super Bowl Sunday is officially less than one week away! This year, defending champs, the Kansas City Chiefs are taking on NFL champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where they'll face-off in Tampa, making the Bucs the first team to ever host the Super Bowl in their own stadium. Last year, the game itself averaged over 102 million viewers on Fox, with an added 3.4 million streams. Making it not only the most watched Super Bowl, but also the most streamed. This year, with many fans stuck (safely) at home, and only 22,000 fans being permitted to watch in-person, we're eager to see how viewership will change and grow.

And you can't talk Super Bowl without mentioning the commercials. This year, $5.5 million will get you a 30-second spot and $300,000 will buy you a digital ad. With buys like these it's no wonder these brands truly show up and show out for the big game.

Apart from watching and live-tweeting the actual game, we're looking forward to seeing how this years Super Bowl will impact and influence the digital world of sports streaming, the creative second-screen marketing strategies from brands, the commercials (of course), and a chance to feel some normalcy in sports for fans. So, to celebrate one one of the biggest sports marketing events we created our own Super Bowl trivia. Let's see if you can answer all 9 questions correctly. Ready? 


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