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Meet Our Team

Meet Pico's UX/UI Designer, Ellie Moalem!
Ariella Torv

Introducing Pico's design master, UX/UI specialist, Ellie Moalem!

Tell us a little bit about yourself
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Hi! I’m Ellie. Born and raised in the Northern part of Israel, now living in the city of Akko while my husband and I build our house from the ground up. I have a passion for all things art- both traditional and modern, hence my career choice as a UX/UI designer. Baking and trying new things in the kitchen is a hobby of mine and so is Netflix :) 

What is your role at Pico?

I am head of design for our platform. I design how our clients interact with the platform from everything including the log-in page to closing an activation. We have a great team here that constantly works off of client feedback so we’re always looking for new ways to improve.

What's the best thing about Pico's solution?

The opportunity it provides to these huge global teams to actually grow their fanbase and connect with them.

If you had to describe Pico using 4-5 words, or a phrase, what would they be?

Innovative yet personable technology. 

What is your favorite sport and team?

Definitely basketball, definitely the Chicago Bulls. The reasoning behind it below!

Favorite Player?

Michael Jordan! After watching Netflix's The Last Dance, it's safe to say he's solidified his spot as my favorite player. 

Go-to snack/meal?

I love a black coffee with these coconut covered chocolate balls often sold at cafes here in Israel. The absolute best afternoon pick me up!

What's your motto in life?

Carpe Diem!

Lastly, what's your favorite social media platform today?

It's gotta be the gram.



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