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Meet Our Team

Introducing Hadar Morad of the Customer Success Team! Hadar is an OG Customer Success Manager at Pico, ensuring all of our clients goals are achieved and needs are met.
Ariella Torv

Within the last two months we've seen Pico's client list grow exponentially as the need for fan engagement and unique fan experiences is more important now than ever. Introducing Hadar Morad! Hadar is an OG Customer Success Manager across several accounts at Pico, ensuring our clients are satisfied with their activations and results. Let's get into it, shall we?

Tell us a little bit about yourselfMeet The Team Images (5)

Hi! My name is Hadar and I was born and raised in Haifa, one of the large
st (and best) cities in the North of Israel. Before working at Pico, I was studying at University and working part time as a bartender at a popular bar in the Haifa area. During this time, Asaf Nevo - Pico’s CEO - actually came to my university to give a lecture about Pico and it’s technology. I really liked what the company stood for and all that it was doing within the sports industry so after graduating, I reached out to Asaf, and here I am almost 2 years later. As a super relatable fact, I was planning my wedding for June 2020, but COVID-19 hit so have been continuing the planning and making adjustments as necessary.

What is your role at Pico?

I am a Customer Success Manager across  several accounts at Pico. Making sure that our customers are happy with the activations they’re launching and happy with their results. I’m also offering insights and suggestions to improve performance and engagement. Recently I was announced as Pico’s lunch manager since we can never decide on what to eat on the days we’re in the office :)

What’s the best thing about Pico’s solution?

The opportunity our clients have to engage with their fans over their digital channels in such a natural way and collect important data on fans that they originally didn’t have. This data allows the teams to get to know more about their fans and their preferences and creates a space to serve them with content and offerings that they actually want to see. And this is all especially important during these times when fans can’t currently attend games. Lastly, the fact that Pico is able to create new streams of revenue for our clients is something that will always be cool to see.

How would you describe Pico?

One of the greatest working environments with an even greater technology

What is your favorite sport and team?

I might be biased because they’re a client, but I’m a big fan of Borussia Dortmund from the Bundesliga. Not only is it a great team but they’re so innovative in the sense of always wanting to try new methods and technologies to enhance their fans' experiences.

Favorite players?

Lionel Messi

Go-to snack/meal?

Bamba - the best Israeli snack.

What's your motto in life?

One of my favorite motto's is actually in Hebrew but translated to English it means, “Live and let live”. Also a big fan of the Oscar Wilde quote “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken”.

Lastly, what’s your favorite social media platform today?





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