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Meet Our Team

We are excited to welcome our Director of Product, Saady Abu Hatoum, to the Pico team! 
Ariella Torv

We're beyond excited to welcome our latest hire, Pico's Director of Product, Saady Abu Hatoum, to the team. We can't wait to see how he develops and grows the Pico product and hope you enjoy learning about him! Happy reading! 

Tell us a little bit about yourselfMeet The Team Images (2)

Hi! I'm Saady Abu Hatoum, and I'm the Director of Product at Pico - Get Personal. I'm from Jaffa of Nazareth, a village in northern Israel. I began my career in the web industry more than a decade ago in various roles, and a few years ago I discovered my real passion in product management. I'm an amateur basketball player in the IBBA 4th tier, where I play in the power forward position and am a big NBA fan. I also love hiking, running, board games, and solving crossword puzzles in my spare time. 

What is your role at Pico?

I'm the Director of Product and I'm responsible for Pico's product research, planning, and execution all through the lifecycle while finding the right balance between user needs and business goals. I collaborate with the company's various teams in order to ensure that the company’s overall strategy and goals are supported by those of the product; that the product goals and strategy do not deviate from that of the business.

What’s the best thing about Pico’s solution? 

Pico's is a one-stop shop for complete building and executing a "know your audience" strategy. It's a great tool for building campaigns, funnels, and promotions to turn your anonymous audience to an identified one. 

If you had to describe Pico using 4-5 words, or a phrase, what would it be?

Identify your audience to succeed in marketing. 

What is your favorite sport and team? 

Basketball, of course. And my favorite team is the San-Antonio spurs.

Favorite player?

My favorite active player is Luka Doncic. Retired is Dennis Rodman.

Go-to snack/meal?

Snack: Anything sweet.

Meal: Italian food

What’s your motto in life?

Do good and everything will follow

Lastly, what’s your favorite social media platform today?

Does LinkedIn count?

Pico is still growing and we are looking for the ultimate rock starts to join our team! All of our open positions can be found here.



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