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New Feature: The Automatic Activation Generator

The Automated Activation Generator (AAG) was built to create unique, fun, fan experiences for  your fans with no extra hustle required from you. Take a look at Pico's latest.

Aviv Paz

Introducing Pico's newest feature, the Automated Activation Generator! With Pico's Automatic Activation Generator (AAG), content based activations are created and launched as a native section within your website's articles. We analyze your content using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide a great experience to your fans, while at the same time, capture valuable data without any extra hustle for you. 

Here's how it works

The AAG was designed so that you can learn more about your fans wherever they are - including your website - in a fast, yet effective way.  Wouldn't it be interesting to know exactly which fans are engaging with your site's content? Which fan is more likely to read news about a player and which fan is more likely to watch highlight reels? Just from learning what they're most interested in when it comes to your site's content, will begin to tell more of a story of that fan. And through that story, a true personalized fan experience can materialize. 

In designing this feature, it was crucial that our clients would not have to go through any additional work. That's why we made it as easy as copy/paste. Literally. All you have to do is copy and paste our code onto your website once, making it so that all of the great content you’re already creating and sharing on a daily basis, will be linked automatically to activations that fit. Then with this one-time implementation, our system will automatically begin to understand what type of activation would be the most relevant from the content of the page from a pre-approved list decided on by you and your team. Now watch as the data rolls in and you learn more about your fans. 

Let’s paint a picture 

Let’s say that your fan finishes reading an article on various player stats from last week's game. They’re greeted with the below activation that was built automatically with Pico’s code to match the content of the page. 

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Once the fan sees the activation as part of the article, it will be very natural for them to play and in doing so, leave all of the data and information your team is looking for. The activation will ask questions that will help serve your fans better - through understanding what they truly want and like. In this example, the article is focused on player stats, so it makes sense that the activation would ask questions based off of the article the fan just read and then dive into who their favorite players are. From that information alone, you can custom cater the content that fans will receive in the future. Maybe it’s 20% off on their favorite player’s jersey, or specific highlight reels of that player's best moments. And remember, the fan is already on your website, so sending them with a discount directly to your online merch store is simple and creates an opportunity to direct their journey with the chance of increasing not only engagement,  but also revenue. 

With all of the above information collected, you have more of a chance of reaching, identifying and truly engaging your fans if you understand the type of content they want to see - the content they want to engage with.

Take a look at our handy-dandy infographic below - we're quite a fan of infographics these days. And if you're interested in seeing this feature live on your website, schedule a demo today

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