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Our 2021 Year in Review

Taking a look back at 2021 while looking forward to 2022. 
Asaf Nevo

Here we are again! Wrapping up another unprecedented year that went from confusion, concern, to hopeful, then back to concern, where now we’re all just hoping for the best as we continue to move forward. While this year brought its own set of challenges, personally and globally, it also brought a lot of reasons to celebrate the small - and big - events. Here’s our 2021 Year in Review. 

We grew!

Pico grew and is growing! Our Director of Product, Saady Abu Hatoum joined the team to help in evolving and upgrading our platform with new features and capabilities, with the user experience always at the forefront. Our HR and Office Manager, Chen Ben-Or, created company wide initiatives like walking challenges, cooking classes, holiday parties, and unlimited holiday snacks. Iris Potruch, Pico’s VP of Customer Success refined our success team, its structure and just recently, was on a SportTechie panel talking about how to create Individual Fan Experiences for the Entire Fanbase. 

And the rest of our winning team banded together in continuing in creating and producing outstanding work, growing both personally and professionally, and remembering to always have fun and enjoy along the way. 

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Welcoming new clients 

Growing our team is always exciting, but so is growing our client list. We extended our partnerships with Borussia Dortmund, FC Bayern Basketball, the Mumbai Indians, DC United, and more. New clients like FC GOA, the Mexican Football Federation, and Learfield IMG joined our roster to deliver personal fan experiences through efficient and safe data capture. It has been beyond exciting and rewarding to see an industry-wide shift on the importance of a data-centric mindset when it comes to fan marketing - no matter the brand, product, team, or league. The future of personalized marketing and fan experiences relies on the data. It’s only something we’ve been preaching since 2019 (and 2016) ;).

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Features, Activations, and Integrations, Galore

Having a team dedicated to innovation and providing the best possible experiences to our customers and in turn, their customers, we launched new activations, integrations and features in order to keep doing just that. From our Running Man, Tap-It, Predict the Score, and UGC campaigns, to being able to add fun sounds to an activation, or launch an activation from a comment on Instagram, our team, our customers, and their fans have had fun engaging with these activations. In fact, in 2021, over 804k+ total fans played our activations and shared over 4.2M data points. In addition to that, we successfully launched a live integration with SAP Customer Data Cloud at Red Bull München! You can check out some of our top played and launched activations from the last year, below.

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In the News

From being nominated as one of Hackernoon’s Startups of the Year, to exciting Esports partnerships, full features on how Pico is clearing up the data deficit in Esports, and deep dives into how Pico helps any organization with a digital following know who their audience is, it has been a tremendous year for us in the press. If you feel like reading, or listening (there’s podcasts too), you can find all stories about Pico on our website, right here. And if you’d like to interview us and/or learn more about us, you are more than welcome to reach out!

To wrap it up

After a tough year, I feel lucky to be leading a company with my fellow founders, Aviv Paz and Roi Mozer, that is filled with resilient, creative, and motivated people. The statement “team-work makes the dream-work” couldn’t be more true when talking about Pico. Year over year, our clients, who continue to lead their industries through innovation and tech, trust us to enable them to know who their digital fans are in order to create unique experiences, learn their motivations, desires, and produce offers and messaging they truly want to receive. And with that I wish you a Happy (data-driven) New Year and a 2022 filled with personalized marketing driven by first party data. 

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