Our Race to Success – Infographic

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Roi Mozer

Pico has officially launched its new platform for brands!

As part of our kick off, I joined the media team of Brock Yates’ One Lap Of America event during the first week in May.

One Lap is the successor of the old Cannonball Run, a popular auto race and motorsports event. Pico helped One Lap create the first crowd sourced album for a speed racing event by using our technology throughout the different races.

Here are some numbers from the event:

7 Exciting days of racing
10 States crossed
3245 Miles driven
9 Pico albums
404 Photos uploaded
…and a lot of people with fuel running through their veins

You can see all the information about the success of our pilot in the infographic below:

One Lap Of America Inforgraphic

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