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Our 2 Biggest Mid-West Wins

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Roi Mozer

St. Louis ArchAbout a month ago we relocated our US office from Philly to St. Louis to work side-by-side with one of the best accelerator programs in the country, Capital Innovators.

For most of our team, it's the first time we've been to the Midwest.
I can tell you one thing right off the bat, we’re starting to fall in love with the area, the people are not only nice but helpful and the startup scene is rising rapidly.

The weather, well that’s a different story though, as they like to say around here, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.”

Over the last month we focused on getting to know the surrounding market and we already have a few big wins that I want to share with you:

  1. St Louis Mardi GrasPico.Buzz Dynamic Facebook Album
    A few weeks ago, the city of St. Louis celebrated Mardi Gras which is the second biggest celebration of its type in the country.
    The organizers wanted to aggregate their first ever social Mardi Gras album using all the amazing Instagram content the parade's attendees shared. They also wanted to individually communicate with the contributors to that album.
    The Mardi Gras media team used the Pico.buzz platform to aggregate all the great, visual, social content that had been posted during the parade, create one dynamic album inside their Facebook fan page and thank the attendees that posted on Instagram and let them know that their content was now part of this huge album.
    The results were amazing, This one album contained the posts that represented the best of the best from that day.
    Even better was that the parade guests were delighted that their posts were chosen.

  2. St Louis Blues
    Another great “local” partnership that we established, this time with a powerhouse NHL team. The Blues have some of the most dedicated and socially active fans in the league.
    After some very productive  conversations with their team we moved forward with a unique
    pilot and parPico.Buzz on screen integration with the St.Louis Bluestnership.

    First up
    , The Blues leveraged all the great social content their fans share at games by using our Dynamic Facebook Album feature.
    By collecting the best fan generated content inside their Facebook page they made their fans part of the story.
    The result was an amplification of the fan experience that generated huge engagement. 

    The second
    integration they utilized was our Intelligent Messenger Bot.
    We created an engaging fan poll that prompted their fans to vote for who they thought would score the first goal of the game. 
    This integration also provided a way to broadcast the live results to the huge video boards over center ice. Fans participated, both in the arena and at home.
    Overall these tools elevated the fan experience to a new level while also opening up authentic communication  with hundereds of fans.

We've also had great conversations with other teams and leagues in the region, among them some big names we can't  mention just yet.
We’re also talking with some of the biggest music venues, amusement and theme parks in the country.

One thing I know, the future will bring with it very exciting news, so stay tuned.

If you would like to learn more about what we’re doing, feel free to contact me at roi.mozer@pico.buzz any time.

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