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Apr 05

Zoom Sports Themed Backgrounds

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Apr 02

How The Sports Industry is Continuing to Uplift its Community

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Mar 22

Engaging Your Digital Fans is More Important Now Than Ever

Because of the coronavirus, COVID-19 outbreak, major sports leagues were expected to turn their games into “ghost games” and were told to expect that they would be playing their games behind closed
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Mar 05

It's Time To Engage Your International Fans

Being an international fan can be tough — challenging even. As an American expat living in Israel, I know a few things on what it means to be a fan, spectating from thousands of miles away.
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Feb 25

The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference - A Dream Come True

The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is and has been a dream destination in the past decade for every American Sports fan, and any person working within the Sports Industry. It’s the actual home
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Feb 14

The Sports Industry is Evolving, So Is The Fan Experience

Over the last two decades, advancements in technology have changed pretty much every aspect of our life. From the way we order coffee and food, to how we engage with one another on a personal level.
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Feb 06

Keeping Your Fans' Data Safe is Part of a Positive Fan Experience

Netflix’s “The Great Hack” says personal data has officially surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable asset. Let’s be real, all of our data is being mined and stored. So technically speaking, I
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Jan 30

SportsTech is Changing the Way Teams and Their Fans Are Engaging

SportsTech is disruptive. But not in the traditional sense. Like all industries, the sports world is being entirely transformed by technology. Take for example the innovative partnership between the
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Jan 23

TikTok & The Sports Industry: The Perfect Pairing

When you first download and open the popular app TikTok, you’ll instantly notice the young audience of users, followed by an overwhelming amount of hilarious looping videos, unique music montages and
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Jan 17

Finally. NCAA to allow student athletes to cash in on their name

After a long (and somehow controversial battle), the NCAA unanimously voted to allow college athletes to start making a profit off of their name, image and likeness. The move came after California
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