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Pico's Webinar Recap

We hosted a Webinar all about the Pico platform and best practices when it comes to digital activations and fan engagement. Here's a recap of everything that was covered:

Yaron Talpaz

Fan engagement is always important and a priority, but in light of the current situation, the need for fan engagement is unquestionable and important as ever. We wanted to ensure we were doing everything in our power for our clients to perform and succeed in their Pico activations. This is why on April 21, 2020, Pico held an exclusive, client-focused webinar with the sole purpose of providing a deeper understanding of Pico capabilities when it comes to engagement performance. We hosted over 30 attendees from the NHL, NFL, and Bundesliga and did a complete Pico deep dive which included going over top performing activations from our partners and discussing what made that activation work so well. We wanted to exemplify how our clients can use Pico hand-in-hand with the content they are already producing. 

Just as a quick reminder, Pico is a fan communication platform driven by AI. It’s vital for sports teams to keep their fans engaged and sponsors happy during this unfortunate situation that we have all collectively found ourselves in. 

Teams, and any organization for that matter, have two types of fans. Their identifiable fans, which they know from ticket or merch sales, newsletters, and memberships. And their digital fans, who live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other similar platforms. The digital fans, while plentiful, are anonymous and unidentifiable. Teams know that their fans are engaging with their content from the number of likes, comments, and shares on their posts.

Fan Communication With Pico

Pico’s fan communication comes from our various digital activations which are launched from teams social media channels and played within Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, a team's website, app, and more. Wherever that fan is, they’ll be able to play without the need to download something extra, or log-in to a third-party platform. We will never ask a fan to leave the channel they’re currently on. 

In the Webinar, Asaf Nevo, Pico’s CEO, showed an example with the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks, who recently launched a fun activation for their fans on Facebook called “Spin To Win”, which (if you couldn’t tell) is a spin-off from “Spin The Bottle”. They shared the below post with very focused text and graphics. The activation was simple, started immediately and really drove great engagement as it saw over 5k+ participants with a 94% completion rate.


More Than Just Spin The Bottle

We know that content teams are already doing an amazing job with the content they’re producing, but we wanted to show them how they can leverage their work through Pico’s solution. We dove into our fan engagement technology which delivers performance benchmarks higher than industry averages across all fronts. With our average Click-Through Rates (CTR) being 4x higher than the industry average, and 90% completion rates, we’re confident in stating that reaching teams’ business objectives is something we can be proud of. 

In the Webinar, we took a few real-life examples which teams have used across social media and showed them what solutions we have so that next time they publish a birthday post, team news, merch sales, etc., they will have Pico in mind and will use it to enhance their post and reach the desired results.

A few of the examples that were shown in the webinar were:

Content Teams Webinar
Voting activations have a very quick turnaround and are easy to get live. Everytime a team wants to get their fans/audience's opinion, they can use our voting tool, instead of just asking users to post their thoughts in the comments of the post, which will just leave them with endless comments. Fans will always be excited to be part of team/club decisions.

Content Teams Webinar (1)
Trivia Activations can fit into almost everything. Teams can challenge their fans and give them the opportunity to brag about their knowledge.

Content Teams Webinar (2)
Memory Game Activations
are a great way to introduce sponsorship for new merchandise, or just have fans play a fun game. Fans simply need to match pairs of different items according to the specificities of the activation.

Here’s another great example from the NHL’s St. Louis Blues of how a Memory Game starts and looks.


Part of The Team

Something very important to us is how we as a team are utilized by our clients. This is why in the Webinar we wanted it to be known, loud and clear, that our partners can think of us as an extension to their content teams. We are more than happy to be consultants to ensure that the engagement you already have and are already generating will turn into long term value. We encourage our clients to reach out and send us their media plans so we can assist in matching the right activation to the right post to see stellar performance and engagement. 

At the end of the day, teams are seeing high levels of engagement on their posts as the content being created is, in simple terms, great. However, what Pico does is allow your team/organization to turn that engagement into identifiable customer profiles and in turn, lets you know your digital fans on a much deeper level. We’re allowing those 1000s of likes and comments to turn into true business objectives when previously, the comments were not combed through, often lost and unused. 

With Pico, you’re leveraging digital engagement by turning it into identifiable fans in your database. It’s no longer data owned by the big social media networks. We’re adding a layer to all of the trivia and polls we often see in sports media, making sure the fun part stays, while also natively capturing data that benefits both fans and teams. Data about fans is not captured once but added in future activations. And unlike other “enter to win” forms, with Pico it’s not just a one-time thing as relevant data points will be added for all the users in future activations, asking questions that make sense in the flow of the conversations. Implementing Pico as part of your day-to-day strategy will bring growth to your databases and new benchmarks to your engagement performance rates.


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