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Five Quick Ways to Engage & Know Your Fans this November

No Shave November, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday - November is filled with holidays and events perfect for fan engagement. Take a look at our ideas for activations this month guaranteed to entice fans while you learn more about them.
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As we start to see the last remnants of Halloween and thus October, we’re welcoming November with open arms. Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, No Shave November, NASCAR Championships, did we say Thanksgiving? Annual events that are loved by the multi-millions, that create a great opportunity to connect and engage your fans, while learning more about them. With Trivia, Spin the Wheel, Scratch Card, Memory Game and other fun activations available your digital audience can have a one of a kind experience this November. 

Here are our top picks for November Digital Activations:

All Month: No Shave November/Movember 
Activation Type: Scratch Card, Media Upload

No Shave November is a month-long initiative intended to raise awareness and funding for cancer prevention, research, and education. Participants put down their razors for 30 days and let their beards grow and grow. Have any players or coaches partaking in this month-long event? Launch a Scratch Card activation to reveal their weekly progress in a fun and exciting way. Encourage fans to also raise awareness and grow it out, with a voting challenge on who grew the best beard. Participating fans can upload photos directly via our portal or email their submissions in. Let's start the month out on the right foot.

November 25: Thanksgiving
Activation Type: Spin the Wheel, Memory Game, Trivia

Wow, what can’t be done with Thanksgiving? Spin the turkey leg? Spin the vegan turkey leg? Memory game with table favorites, mixed in with sponsored products? Trivia on the team's favorite Thanksgiving dishes? We can go on and on, just like our Thanksgiving tables, but we digress. No matter which angle you take it, it’s a great way to be there with your fans during the holiday while learning more about them in the process.

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November 26: Black Friday
Activation Type: Spin the Wheel, Vote, Scratch Card, Memory Game, Slot Machine

So, it’s Black Friday. We’re sure your brand is already working on Black Friday campaigns and sales. This Black Friday, personalize that offer, that discount, even that message. With Pico, you learn valuable information on your fans - their specific wants, needs, and motivations - through first party data, that enables the opportunity to create offers they actually want. Learn what type of merch they love the most. Learn what tech they prefer. Understand which types of tickets they prefer buying. And customize your content on a 1:1 level.


November 27: Small Business Saturday
Activation Type: Spin the Wheel, Scratch Card

This Small Business Saturday, let’s support our local communities and businesses. Incentivize fans to eat out at local eateries or shop locally with limited discount codes and coupons with our Spin the Wheel or Scratch Card activation. Follow in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers footsteps where they used Pico to promote new merch, learn their fans preferences, and help a local non profit organization aimed to help in feeding the hungry. You can check out their successful campaign and initiative here.

We just showed our gratitude during Thanksgiving, let’s pay it forward on Small Business Saturday. 

November 30 - December 2: NASCAR Championships Weekend
Activation Type: Running Man, Prediction, Vote

With our Predict the Winner activation, NASCAR fans can tell us how they really feel! More specifically, who they believe will qualify for and win the 2021 Championships Weekend. Or, launch our Running Man activation where fans will be challenged to collect all trophies while avoiding other drivers or flags.

Ready to use one of these activations as part of your October content plan?
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