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The Running Man Activation

We’re very excited to share Pico's newest digital activation: The Running Man.
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You might have seen us writing about it before, but we're excited to officially share all about one of our newer activations: The Running Man

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The Idea

The Running Man activation is a fun and simple game where the player navigates around certain obstacles while trying to catch the reward objects in time. The level of difficulty, time, and speed can all be adjusted, but the objective will always be the same - to avoid the obstacles and collect as many rewards as possible!

Digital activations create a great opportunity to enhance fans' digital experiences, provide them with something fun and unique, while you learn more about them in the process. From their name, to their email address, to the minute details such as: who is their favorite player, their favorite type of merch, if they’ve ever attended a game, and much more. They can also provide real value for your sponsors whether it’s in brand awareness, driving clicks to a landing page, or simply learning more about a brand.

Want to try it for yourself? Here's one we made for National Donut Day, simply click to play!
Why a Running Man activation? 

  • A new type of digital experience: provide your fans with a new type of digital experience
  • Create and share something exciting: the running man activation is a unique way to provide a fun experience for your fans in their day-to-day life when scrolling through social media and/or your pages
  • Drive data conversions: ask your fans various questions before and after the game to learn more about them

All of the options needed to keep your community engaged 

What do you want fans to collect during your running man activation? Specific foods, sponsor logos, tickets? These options are all possible… and then some! The theme of the running man activation has endless creative opportunities- including the tracks the ‘runner’ will run on, the background, the objects, everything.

Want to make it a bit competitive?

While the activation will already tally up points based on how many of the reward objects are collected, they can also be deducted by how many obstacles the player runs into. To incentivize fans even further, you can offer some type of prize for those with the highest amount of points. Whether it’s a discount to your online store or merch, fans will enjoy the activation and experience that much more. 

How does the game work?

  • The classic option is to challenge fans to catch as many reward obstacles as possible before time runs out, while avoiding all of the obstacles
  • There are no ‘lives’- however, points will be deducted if the player collects an obstacle. So the object of the game is to keep your points up 
  • Finally, you can set the time limit of the game to be as long or short as you’d like

Ready to launch your own? Let’s build your Running Man activation today! 

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