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Super Bowl Ads Can Give More Value Than You Think

What’s more next level than a $6 million ad? Being able to know who took action from it.
Ariella Torv

Super Bowl 2022- what a game! What a halftime show! What a conversation the internet had and is having with memes, discussing favorite plays, touchdowns, rating the commercials. The Super Bowl is always an epic event that manages to touch on multiple industries- sports, entertainment, advertising, and internet culture, just to name a few. It gathers tons of people around a screen, it brings eyes on brands, and it truly is a show. 

And the pressure is on if you’re a brand that spent $6.5 million on your 30 second commercial this year. How can you measure the true value and impact your spot had? Yes, there’s social monitoring and listening. Did your ad spot go viral? You can track the traffic to your website or the interactions with your social pages. But when the hype and excitement of the Super Bowl wears off we’re challenging you to ask, “now what?”. How can you continue that enhanced engagement? How and what can you measure apart from traffic, page visits, and mentions? 

Tuning in 

During the Super Bowl, viewers are tuned in to the game on TV as well as on their phones. Sports fans are most likely engaging with both sets of screens, participating in conversations online while still in tune with what’s happening with the game. Viewers of the game who might not consider themselves to be sports fans necessarily, but are watching more for the commercials, halftime show and social aspects, are also likely to be engaged with their second screen. Checking out the memes, what’s trending, what their friends are doing, etc. In fact, Statista estimated that 91% of internet users are expected to use a second screen while watching TV. With that kind of percentage, you should want to meet those viewers where they are digitally and invest in a second screen strategy. Especially during the Super Bowl when you have 117 million eyes watching. 

With a solution like Pico, you can take your Super Bowl spot, as well as any other ad spot, and have it do more for you than trend on Twitter and create an online conversation. And we aren’t saying that trending topics and online discussions aren’t something to be proud of. They are extremely well deserved, important, and are a testament to the hard work put into the ad you created. The strategy you developed. But with such an engaged audience in the multi-millions, with a solution like Pico, you can begin to connect the dots on who watched, who liked it, who took action, and most importantly, who are they? 

Let’s say I saw your ad live during the game, and I really resonated with the product and the messaging. So I grab my phone, and I begin to follow your pages on social media and interact with your posts. You increased your following, your audience, and probably your page's engagement- that’s great! But you don’t know who I am, and you won’t be able to market to me directly. And what about the folks that follow and interact days or even a week after the Super Bowl? You’re unable to reach them directly. Instead, you’re reaching them with content that’s reaching everybody. It’s not very personalized in a world that’s getting more personalized by the day. 

So what am I supposed to do? 

Well, we’re glad that you asked! If we were to humbly partner with let’s say Booking.com or Bud Light Seltzer, whose spots were creative, funny, and had a clear CTA, we would suggest pairing it with a Pico activation that helps you capture first-party data , while enabling you to learn more about your audience. Even if you just want to understand where viewers were most engaged and interested, you can learn that. If you want to learn who they are, rather than just accept an ‘anonymous’ follower who you probably won’t catch any other way, you can also learn that. 

We suggest a Pico activation because it not only keeps the engagement but it shows you a better story of your audience. It shows you, through safe and organic data capture, the story behind that viewer, behind that follow, behind that person. It creates an opportunity to take an ad that was seen by over 100+ million people, and turn it into something more personal. Into something unique for them. Into something that will strengthen your marketing strategy and grow your database.

Why not utilize the hype of your Super Bowl spot to meet even more of your marketing and internal goals? Utilize the data collected in an activation from Super Bowl Sunday to discover new marketing material, audiences, and strategies. When you know who your audience is, and why they engaged with your brand online, you create an opportunity for new and backed customers.



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