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The Tap-It Activation

Let's take a look at Pico's newest and exciting digital activation: Tap-It 

Pico Get Personal

Similarly to our Running Man activation, we’re very excited for you to tap into our new digital activation- “Tap-It”. Another great solution for sponsors in brand awareness, with a safe method of capturing first party data on fans, the Tap-It activation is an easy-to-use and fun game that actively engages its users.

The Concept

Tap-It is a speed challenge in which users click on a center icon as many times as possible in a short allotment of time, with users competing against one another to earn the highest score and win prizes. 

Digital activations such as Tap-It, engage users through an exciting and unique fan experience while enabling you to learn more about them in the process. Digital activations provide helpful information on fans, whether it is simply their name and email address, or interesting facts about their fandom such as their favorite player, favorite fan memory, if they attend events, and much more.

Why Tap-It?

Tap-It is a fun and quick game that allows fans to conveniently engage with a team or product and is an additional aspect to creating a greater fan experience. Tap-It is easy to establish on the developmental side, while also being simple for the user to engage with. 

Benefits of the Tap-It Activation

Sometimes, less is more, and Tap-It’s simplicity and ease of use are its greatest strengths. The game is exciting, fast-paced, and competitive all in a span of 15-20 seconds. Users gain a heightened experience and thrill of competition while engaging with the activation, all without losing interest or becoming bored due to a long time commitment. In addition, actively tapping and playing the game actually engages fans more, with an average completion rate of ~72% across all of our Tap-It campaigns. Winners are given a greater sense of accomplishment for winning an active competition, opposed to just randomly being selected from a pool of users by filling out a form. 

This activation can be used by teams to promote their own products and content or to promote their sponsors through rewards such as team shop gift cards, discounts on sponsor’s products, promotions and deals, and more. Typically we see that through a Tap-It activation there is a 73% conversion rate on all offers and CTAs. 

How does it work?

When the game begins, users rapidly click the center icon as many times as possible before time runs out. It really is that easy to use, while still being effective in engaging fans and creating a better overall fan experience.


Ready to launch your own? Let’s build your customized Tap-It activation today!





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