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Using Social Media Holidays to your Advantage

January is officially here and with that comes the classic Social Media Holidays. Here are our top picks and activation ideas for January
Pico Get Personal

We at Pico are ready to help you engage and identify your fans with some inspiration for creative activations. Utilize the always-trending national “holidays” for something that will provide value to your team and organization as a whole and pair them with Pico’s custom activations

Create something unique and fun for fans, while learning about who they are as fans. Their true preferences, the type of content they’re most likely to engage with, and other fun facts. Take a look!

  1. January 13, National Sticker Day
    Activation Type: Scratch Card

    Let’s take National Sticker Day and make it digital. Take this national day to create custom stickers and/or screensavers for your fans to use on their most personal devices. Whether it's jerseys, players in action, the team logo- fans will love an opportunity to play to receive a custom screensaver or custom stickers. And what better way to reveal them than with a scratch card activation. Before the final reveal, you can collect valuable data on each fan whose playing such as- what type of stickers/screensavers do they usually use? Who are their favorite players? Would they like to be notified when new stickers/screensavers are launched? Your organization has not only provided a fun way for fans to customize their phones, but has collected important information that can drive marketing decisions.

    Activation Reference:


  2. January 15, National Hat Day
    Activation Type: Voting or Memory

    Whether your online store offers beanies, baseball hats, snap-backs, sweat-bands- National Hat Day is the perfect day to promote these items in a natural way. Call on your fans to vote on their favorite hat-like items and/or team swag, for a chance to win one! Or for a chance to receive a discount code. Don’t want to run a voting activation on hats? No worries, take it a step further, you can create a memory game activation where each card showcases all of the styles of hats you might have. Challenge your fans to match the most pairs in the shortest amount of time for a chance to win!


  3. January 21, National Hugging Day
    Activation Type: Voting

    While we can’t physically hug or be with our fans yet, let’s find the comforts of a hug and put them into an activation. Ask your fans to relive their favorite player to fan moments. Like when Zion Williamson signed the sneakers he had on and gifted them to a young fan in the bleachers. Or when Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates fist-bumped two huge fans mid-game. Don’t want to be player specific? Ask fans to vote on their favorite team moments, the one that makes them want to hug everyone in the stadium from joy. The creative opportunities here are endless and while you relive these special moments with your fans, you’re able to learn about who they are as fans through a memorable experience and activation.

  4. January 24, National Compliment Day
    Activation Type: Trivia or Personality Test

    Fans love to be vocal! They love to share their opinions on their teams and its players. Well, let them earn their voice with a trivia activation to test their team and player knowledge. Incentivize them to play by offering whoever answers the most questions correctly in the shortest amount of time, will have the opportunity to share their compliments with their favorite player, coach, or the team itself. Ask participants to provide their email address or phone number to find out if they’ve won Let’s see how much your fans really know and what they want to say! 

    Activation Reference:


Getting these activations live will take less than 1 business day. Create and launch your activations today!

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Did we miss any national holidays for January? Have another idea you’d like to share with us? We are (always) all ears!



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