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Pico Welcomes the Portuguese Football Federation to the Team

We are proud to share that football giants, the Portuguese Football Federation, have joined Pico to bring unique, personalized fan experiences to their fans everywhere.
Asaf Nevo

Pico - Get Personal is thrilled to announce our recent partnership with European Champions, The Portuguese Football Federation (FPF). The Portuguese Football Federation is responsible for the coordination, promotion, and development of football in Portugal, from grassroots to the country’s National team.

FPF has been striving to build closer relationships with their fans across the world through utilizing various digital channels and resources. With more than 5 million fans across the digital channels of the National team, the relationship with digital fans has been as important as with the fans in-stadium.

Getting to know their digital fan base was of high importance to the federation to provide more meaningful information while building stronger relationships and connections with fans. Estela Lucas, Manager of Fan Intelligence, stated that “the partnership with Pico has allowed us to transform anonymous fans into real fans, while engaging with them on social media through fun games and quizzes.” Through each activation comes the opportunity to create new leads, encourage club memberships, and of course, increase digital fan engagement. 

As we continue to grow the partnership and digital activations, we’ll continue activating and engaging the global fan base of the Portuguese Football Federation, while simultaneously, creating unique, personalized digital fan experiences for each and every fan.





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